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Surgery results.

I feel like lately a lot of my titles have been, “I’m Home!!!” Just to say it once more as an unofficial title, I am home!!! 😀 Actually, I have been home since last night. I got discharged around 3pm, and we got home around 5pm-ish. I am so thankful for that! I took a nap in the car and when we got home. I was to lay flat for the rest of the evening, so I ate a soup supper in bed and then ventured out to the couch to read for a bit before heading back to bed. Lots of sleeping. 😀 I feel much better today. They wanted me to get around normally doing things but still take it easy. I just have done things today like getting dressed, got myself breakfast/lunch, walked around from the kitchen to my room…and I also took another nap this afternoon. A pleasant day of recovery.

But now you are probably wondering how the surgery went. First, thanks for praying for peace about being put to sleep. Because I have a medi-port and told them again about being nervous/last experience, they decided that accessing my port and putting the anesthesia in my port would be faster in putting me to sleep. They were right! My parents came back with me to the hallway right where the surgery room is and they were there as they put in the anesthesia…and then I was just out. No going into the room, putting on the mask…nothing. I just went right to sleep right there in the hallway even before they pushed me into the room! A much better experience this time! I am thankful for that option and would choose it again if I ever had another surgery. They did have two other IV’s in my right arm, but they did not bug me and were taken out shortly after I woke up in the recovery section.

When I woke up, I was so confused…just typical after surgery groggy-ness. My parents came back and I asked, “I am done?” LOL. I was not in the recovery area for very long, and then headed home. Dad drew me a chart to explain things so I could understand…so I hope I can explain it to you so you can understand as well. The surgery went very well and it was still a good thing to have it done so we now understand what is going on. The most important things to know:

First, the Lovenox had already dissolved the new clot, so there was none to be taken out (which was a good thing). I will remain on the Lovenox until next week when I have my final whole day of seeing doctors (Jan 31st…my three-month check up with a round of different doctors). I also see the main doctor for the blood clot that day as well. Depending on what the doctor says, I may continue the shots for a while, but will most likely wean off the shots and take the Warfarin pill…for the rest of my life.

And second, they found that the clot from last year still had a large amount of the clot left. It is so hard and stuck in the vein, that the vein no longer is used. The artery was not the problem and since the vein is no longer being used, they did not put in a stent either. What they found was that my body had made new veins that branch from the left to the right across my back and that takes the blood around to the heart that way. They were happy to see that my body had already done this on its own. To be honest, I had NO idea that your body can make new veins! The more I learn about my body and what is happening on the inside, the more I am amazed at how God created our bodies in such detail!

There is always the risk that I can get another clot. Only God knows that and only He knows why I have had this clot…or even the last one. Doctors cannot pinpoint any answers and I don’t think we will ever know, but I am at peace about that too. I will most likely wear a compression stocking for a long while and will remain on the blood thinners (possibly) for life. It may help decrease that chance for another clot.

Right now, the back of my left leg is just a small wound. It is right behind my knee so bending it sometimes pinches, but I am walking more normal and put up my feet when I sit. I am not allowed to drive until Friday, but I get to shower tomorrow (glorious!). I feel getting back to normal routines will come quickly, but still going to take time to rest up and nap this week…as that is important too! It is snowy and cold outside, so it sort of gives me a good excuse to sit with a cup of tea and do some reading/rest anyway.

Thanks for all your prayers, emails, and texts! I am so overwhelmed at how our family has been wrapped around with love and support and prayers. 🙂


PS. I have been singing this song today:
“How Can I Keep from Singing” by Chris Tomlin


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Quick update

Just wanted to give you a heads up for what is going on and tomorrow before I head to bed. The ultrasound showed that the blood clot only goes just inside the pelvis. Nothing more up farther, just then goes down to below the knee. But that is good news that there is not any in the stomach area! So I am thankful for that!

Tomorrow I see an interventional radiologist to discuss the clot further. A few things to discuss is the possible surgery to clean out the vein. If so, that would be done at the end of next week. I would be on the blood thinner shots for the week to soften the clot, then have the procedure if I decided. Either way, from here on out I will be on an oral blood thinner pill called Warfarin for the rest of my life.

The other aspect of seeing the doctor tomorrow is to discuss the terms of seeing (while in surgery) if the femoral artery is pressing/pinching on the femoral vein which could be causing pressure. A stent could be placed if that is what seemed to be a problem. Because the blood clot is in the same leg/same area but I am not on hormone pills or chemo this time around, it just leaves room for that question.

I should learn more tomorrow, ask my questions and either way, hopefully go home by the evening which is most exciting! Thank you for your prayers as we still have this appointment tomorrow and my decision to make. I will post more when we get home. 🙂

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My last 48 hours

(To Merlin:) Mr. Fish, did you die?

Dory: Sorry I was a little vague on the details.

That line in Finding Nemo always makes me laugh. The good news is that I did not die. No jellyfish stings either. The bad news is that I currently sit in Children’s hospital with a massive blood clot in my left leg. The ultrasound yesterday showed it goes from my pelvis area where it was the last time down to my lower calf. I also was having hard breathing/shortness of breath so yesterday I also had a CAT scan which showed a small clot in the left lung. Thus, I have another ultrasound today at 1:30 to see how far up the blood clot goes, because it is possible (highly likely) that it is in my stomach. The decisions for everything else after that are based on what the ultrasound shows.

How did this happen? Not sure. Could be many things, even just having the chronic constipation problems could be a factor. There is a lot to weigh in. How did my past 48 hours go? Well, very random. Mom and I were just here on Tues. morning for a follow-up appointment with my doctor about what happened over Christmas. I knew my constipation was coming back but felt normal. When we got home after dinner, my stomach started to inflame again. Felt like a huge boulder in my stomach…just felt sick so I just sat and watched some movies and did a small load of laundry. By the time my laundry was done, just walking around the house was a chore. I was so out of breath and just felt nauseous. I did get to sleep after a few runs to the bathrooom, but was not feeling much better in the morning. Standing for more than few minutes just wore me out and turned my feet a nice shade of blueish-black. I had had pressure on my back and legs the night before, but when it started getting worse in my left calf I asked my mom to look at my feet.

I know this is God’s timing, because my dad never comes home for lunch just to say hello, but since he was there he checked my feet and called my doctors. That is when they ordered the ultrasound so that way they could eliminate anything if there was not a huge problem. But in doing so they found the problem. So, God’s timing again, was just so perfectly ordianed. I just can’t fathom it sometimes. Sure, this is upsetting. I cried yesterday and just had a hard time. After spending a whole day in the ER there in Xenia, they transported me by ambulance around 10:30 to Children’s. As I lay in the back by myself, a song came to mind. “With Every Breath”. I took comfort:

When the night seems so long (throw your hands to the sky)
You can sing a new song (wipe the tears from your eyes)
When you’re weak, He is strong
He can heal your wounded soul
And calm the storm inside

For all your times of laughter
In every hopeful prayer
When the world weighs on your shoulders
Through sorrow and your despair
With everything, with every breath, praise the Lord.

And that is where I am right now. I am not in pain, which they are happy to hear. I just have to have patience and will have to continue to pray for guidance in the important decisions ahead and for doctor’s to have wisdom. My parents are here with me, so that is comfort too. 😀 For now that is all. My ultrasound is soon, so I am signing off.

*”With Every Breath.” City on a Hill. Sixpense None the Richer/Jars of Clay. Provident Music Distribution, 2000.


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