Quick update

Just wanted to give you a heads up for what is going on and tomorrow before I head to bed. The ultrasound showed that the blood clot only goes just inside the pelvis. Nothing more up farther, just then goes down to below the knee. But that is good news that there is not any in the stomach area! So I am thankful for that!

Tomorrow I see an interventional radiologist to discuss the clot further. A few things to discuss is the possible surgery to clean out the vein. If so, that would be done at the end of next week. I would be on the blood thinner shots for the week to soften the clot, then have the procedure if I decided. Either way, from here on out I will be on an oral blood thinner pill called Warfarin for the rest of my life.

The other aspect of seeing the doctor tomorrow is to discuss the terms of seeing (while in surgery) if the femoral artery is pressing/pinching on the femoral vein which could be causing pressure. A stent could be placed if that is what seemed to be a problem. Because the blood clot is in the same leg/same area but I am not on hormone pills or chemo this time around, it just leaves room for that question.

I should learn more tomorrow, ask my questions and either way, hopefully go home by the evening which is most exciting! Thank you for your prayers as we still have this appointment tomorrow and my decision to make. I will post more when we get home. 🙂

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  1. Sheri Garner Tearpak

    We are sending up tons of prayers in your behalf about this difficult decision you have to make and also for all the medical people who are involved in helping you. Love you much, my special friend. You are such a beautiful lady, and God will continue to carry you. A cyber hug is enclosed.

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