Home :)

Although last night might have not been our best evening. Mom got sick yesterday morning with a 24-hour stomach bug, so she spent the whole day at the hotel. Dad came in the early afternoon to the hospital to be there when we discussed surgery options with the interventional radiologist. I am also so thankful he was there to help me figure out the medicines as they sent me home on the blood thinner shots called Lovenox. I got discharged around six pm. By that time Dad was not feeling well, so thank you everyone for your prayers, because God protected us on the way home. I fell asleep and Mom was sick in the front seat, meaning Dad was on his own feeling sick yet having to drive an hour and half home. We had to stop by Walgreens in Xenia for more of my medicines, where Dad did get end up getting sick. So there I sat in the car with two sick people. Not our greatest evening. But we made it home.

My sister came over to help. I am so thankful for all she did last night and today: laundry, dishes, helped me put on my compression stocking and helped get my parents get their toast and ginger ale. Coming home would not have been so smooth without her here. 🙂 She helped me get my shots…my stomach is turning nice shades of blue again, but I think I toughened up from last year as the shots don’t sting as bad this time. 😀

Things seem pretty normal now. Had a great nights sleep in my own bed; did some reading today and took a nap; got a few things sorted out in my head (makes you feel like you are actually organizing)…but it is the little details about upcoming painting projects and the like (more to come on that!). I am now watching the Broncos vs. Ravens game (what a game!) and catching up on emails (thank you everyone for your prayers and encouragement.)

But there is still the lingering decision I have to make: to have the surgery to remove the clot/stent placement if needed or not. I have to make my decision by Monday. So as long as Mom and Dad are feeling better by tomorrow (they are doing much better than a few hours ago), we need to sit down and discuss things. It is like it should be an easy decision, but it is complicated. I lean in both directions for and against, but I want to make sure that my decision will be the best and most beneficial in the long run. Because in all truthfulness, I don’t want another blood clot. Even now, I see how God protected me. The clot went through my heart to my lung! I would have never guessed. I felt nothing.

In making my decision, I can’t guarantee that I won’t get another clot and neither can doctors…but I do want to have clear thoughts about steps that could be possible measures to helping prevent another one. If that makes sense. My thoughts keep going round in circles. So more prayer is needed as I desire to have peace about the decision. Thank you all for your continued prayers, support, love and encouragement. It means so much to me and my family. I will keep you posted in the days ahead.


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2 responses to “Home :)

  1. Beth Dillon

    I was praying for all 3 of you and it was a day that you all needed it…God knew that but I did not.

    • mel

      Thanks for your prayers Beth. That night was not a good one, but we are doing much better! 🙂 Things will slowly get back to normal I feel…(what is normal?? LOL)

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