No Title Given (Dictated to a Friend, May 30th, 2015)

Last week we started working on a communication system that Melissa and Marcia put together as a way for me to still communicate my needs and be in awareness of what is going on (somewhat) for if and when the day I lose completely all my vision. I learned about ten of the objects and a few of the hand symbols and practiced them in my mind over the weekend, thinking I would never get this down. Melissa came back down on Tuesday in a severe thunderstorm just to be here for the next few days so that she and Marcia could finish teaching me everything. They also would teach the nurses and aides, my PT and OT, and others who help around when they would come in the room in order that they would know the system, too. There are many nurses and aides here who rotate days and shifts, both days and nights; I was afraid that there would be a lot in the two days that would not get to know the system. However, working both days, all day long, Melissa and Marcia taught more and more staff, and this also gave me a chance to practice with them, as well.

Melissa and I worked hard on Wednesday but didn’t accomplish as much as we wanted until Marcia came that evening. Thursday was a really fun day because a cousin visited and we worked really hard and I finished learning everything in the system. I got in a lot of practice with more staff, but I also got to spend a lot of time just talking to my sisters and cousin about family. We also got to spend a lot of time outside, because it was a beautiful evening. We took a lot of pictures and they pushed me in the grass. I don’t think I’ve ever held onto my wheelchair so tight in my life!  As the sun was starting to go down, Mom and Dad met us and we went back inside. After a horrible night’s sleep, Friday I was pretty miserable, but I was thankful that Melissa and Marcia and a friend were here. After another full day, I got in bed for some reason started crying because I didn’t want to lose people’s faces in my vision. I think it was because I was seeing Melissa fine, but was having a harder time seeing Marcia. Marcia pulled out my prayer journal and we flipped to some pictures of us together and I looked at them in my magnifying glass. We all talked for a bit then she left. Melissa and my little nephew, Landon, spent the night in my room so that then Melissa could teach the night staff and early morning staff the system for when I rang in the nurse’s button.

I slept fairly well that night and then called the nurses too many times. Usually, I can tell the morning by the sunlight that comes in the window even with the shade down. My body’s natural bathroom run alarm clock woke me up what I considered morning but couldn’t tell because it was so, so dark. I asked for the time and got it in the hand signals. I fell back asleep but about a half an hour later, I asked to get out of bed. Usually, the first thing I ask for is my sunglasses because I am blinded by the lights, but this morning I was put on the chair and it was still completely dark to me. After I was ready they asked me by the objects if I was ready for breakfast. I said yes but also I asked if we could turn on the lights so I could see what I was eating. After a confusing message board, I got another one I could read with the blueish lights through the window, “on on on,” meaning all the lights were on or the curtains were open. I said, “Oh no!” and started crying. I am very glad that Melissa was there because it was a great comfort at the moment. She took me through the hallways, which once blinded me, but were now dark. She also took me outside, but to me, it looked like eight o’clock in the evening. Coming back inside, an aide fed me my Cheerio breakfast. Then I just sat, thinking and praying and talking for awhile with Melissa until she had to go home to my parents’ place to refreshen.

Before lunch, I can tell that the sun brightened more and actually put on my dark sunglasses, but the dining hall at lunchtime and afterwards until about three o’clock everything went dark again, but not as bad as the morning where I seriously thought the power was out. Since then, everything now, again, is hazy white. Where even my small part of vision left I am only able to see the blue and dark colors like brown or black. I thought maybe the brightness was from the natural sunlight but I am not sure. I really can’t explain why this morning was so dark and now it is so light and why yesterday it was fine and today I woke up different. That’s just the way this disease works. Whereas before there would be slow progression, now I am seeing that things just happen and it is unexpected.

The thing is, in some ways when I think back, even on just this past week, God’s timing always fits perfect. Even though when I quote Psalms 23 to myself I feel like I am literally walking (more like sitting) in the valley of the shadow of death. But I cannot even describe to you, like I cannot describe to anyone, what is going on in my body for them to understand how much I see how blessed I really am. Even just last night as I was falling asleep I couldn’t stop thanking God for everyone who has helped out in some sort of way, even if it’s just stopping to say hello, or like my family working to communicate. Even just now, the realization that we had just ended learning and teaching the communication system is another example of God’s perfect timing, even in the trials. I am not sure what comes next, as I still can see a tiny bit. But when something does happen I know I will be able to think back and see God’s hand in it all. Thank you again for all your prayers and encouragement. I have to honestly say that if anyone asked what they could specifically pray for, I would just stare at them and say, “I don’t know.” But if you can continue to pray at least for peace in all these changes, not just for me but my family as well.

Love you all,


Mel with her cousin (also named Melissa!) who drove from Chicago for a special quick visit.


Developing and practicing the new object-based communication system with sisters Marcia and Melissa in preparation for impending total blindness.


Laughing with Melinda through new hand gestures on her knees.


Practicing and practicing the new communication system with sisters and cousin, with and without a blindfold.


Special moments with sisters on Friday night.  Melinda was afraid she was forgetting what Marcia looked like, so she studied a picture of her face in her prayer journal with her magnifying glass before bed.


The morning of Melinda’s blindness.  Melissa and Landon were already with Melinda at the nursing home since they spent the night with the aides (having been alerted by a teary-eyed aide just the morning before to the intense communication struggles the staff was having with Melinda at night).  This perfect timing could only have been God’s grace and provision. Holding Landon that morning greatly calmed Melinda in her moments of blind panic and despair.


Melinda later on that same evening with her friend, Stephanie, who listened to her dictation and helped her type this post.


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8 responses to “No Title Given (Dictated to a Friend, May 30th, 2015)

  1. Carolyn Keller

    Just so amazing to hear you still praising God and feeling blessed…… Such in inspiration! Love you:)

  2. Dustin Hughes

    Thank you Stephanie for typing this post. These blogs can be challenging and calming as they affect my character.

  3. Someday someone needs to compile all your blogs into a book. Then your encouragement and strength will live on forever! Love spending time with you 🙂 Cathy

  4. christi Ramsay Rowe

    Thank You for All ,you Give To Us!!!!!!

  5. Oh, my dear one. Just read your post at the recommendation of my friend laurel Nickerson Louke. What a sweet testimony you have. I will be praying for you that you will experience His presence more and more through this valley.

  6. Liz Garthly

    Thank you for typing this post and helping us understand what Melinda is going through…..althougth we never will completely understand. We continue to pray for peace for Melinda, the staff, the doctors and her family. I’m so thankful that she was able to hold her nephew. Babies do have a way of calming situations. Let Melinda know that she is always on my mind and my prayers. I’m so thankful that her sisters are working on a way to communicate with her and that Melinda will be able to communicate with her family, her nurses and doctors. Tell her that the Word says that God is holding her right hand, always. Tell Melinda that I dearly love her.

  7. estherbentonmorford

    Melinda, you are SO AMAZING! We’re praying for you and your family. So glad that Melissa & Marcia have come up with a communication system. I think they are very creative. You are an encouragement to everyone you come in contact with. Love you.

  8. Gibbs, Sheron E

    Mel, Thanks so much for posting and the wonderful friend who helped. You are such a BLESSING to me and those around you. Wish I could come for a visit but not until next week. I see answers to prayer request for PEACE, and a grateful spirit. Praying for all those who care for you, I know they have already grown to LOVE you and have witness Christ in action as you Trust Him ! Your Mom, Dad, sisters have been so creative with willingness to teach everyone ways to communicate. What LOVE coming from the FATHER who knew your need ! ! Please post again you keep us informed as we walk this Journey together.

    God is still GOOD all the time, even when we don’t understand, Love you, Mrs. Gibbs

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