Thinking of you.

Three words. It can change the whole course of the day, especially when God intervenes in timing. He knows when you need to hear them spoken to the soul, when you need the nourishment because the circumstances around you have left you exhausted and dehydrated. I can’t even count the times this has happened during my journey, the last 11 years.

Last night, I found myself on Youtube watching those inspirational-acts-of-kindness movies that get you a bit teary eyed. It might be part of my personality traits, but I got to admit…all those childhood days of pretending to be Florence Nightingale came to memory and I suddenly wanted to do something for someone. Something big. I wanted to be one of those inspirational stories; I wanted to make a difference in someone’s life. All I could think of was donating money to different places. Why does it always seem t0 come to that?

Today I finished an autobiography, Unthinkable, by Scott Rigsby. He is a double amputee above the knees. At the age of 18, a truck collision shattered just about everything in his body, especially his future dreams. Reading the first two chapters you clearly see that it is a miracle he is even alive. Over the next twenty years, Rigsby went through countless surgeries, therapy, drug addiction, party life, seven years of college (and still graduating with no sense of direction in life), a severe case of TBI (traumatic Brain Injury) and depression, debt and no money for bills, in and out of jobs and lawyer cases for settlement issues, and the constant public eye at his “disability.” I think he went through just about everything.

In his own journey, God led him to a place where Rigsby surrendered everything and it was only then that God started to piece together a new course: the unthinkable. Rigsby had always been a runner, but dreams of a future in that seemed impossible; he is now a life showing that nothing is impossible for God. After picking up a few sport related magazines with stories of triathlon athletes, he got a crazy idea–he would participate in a triathlon. He had virtually nothing going for him..not in the physical or financial realm, training or knowledge of what this all entitled…he just knew this was the open door that God was gently leading him through–the chance to use his disabilities to bring God glory for the capability.

As I read, it became obvious that God used ordinary people with big hearts to help Rigsby accomplish his dream: the Hawaiian Ironman triathlon. They saw a need and simply used their time, talents or training skills, connections, hospitality to meet the need. His supporters didn’t act because they wanted to be a huge “inspirational teary-eyed story.” They helped because their thoughts were for Rigsby…they were his “Thinking of you” crew. He couldn’t have achieved his goal on his own. Rigsby now uses his testimony to help others cope with loss and shattered dreams. He doesn’t do it by heroic deeds, but words of encouragement and guidance.

This weekend has left me with many thoughts–I still don’t feel like I have a dream. I still see limits in my life physically, but learned much from Rigsby’s testimony of trusting God with the impossible. I need to be more in prayer for direction–how God can use me (my time and talents) to help others. I don’t want to just say, “Thinking of you.” I want it sincere, with Love.

Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, “What are you doing for others?” -Martin Luther King, Jr.


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9 responses to “Thinking of you.

  1. Love this , Mel! You are an inspiration…your bless me with your heartfelt hugs and beautiful cards. thank you for being YOU!

  2. marcie

    a heart that desires to serve Him, be used by His mighty hand, it is what He wants from us!

  3. Lois

    God will show you a way, I just know it! You already encourage and challenge me with your blogging. You always point me to Him with your words and your thoughts. Thank you so much!

  4. estherbentonmorford

    Your posts are always inspirational and very insightful. I look forward to every one.

  5. Megan

    I was going to respond in a similar fashion to what Aunt Lois posted prior to today…. just about how your blog has been a true testimony to the countless who read it, and your telling the honest ways in which you’re allowing God to use you. Now that it’s been a few months though, have you been given a dream from the Lord as to your future? Regardless of what you do, so long as you “let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in Heaven” ~Matthew 5:16… that’s truly what matters most:):) You’re inspiring sis!!!! Keep looking forward and upwards! XOXO, Megs

  6. Megan

    P.S. I’m thankful and blessed to be part of your “Thinking of You” crew!!!!!! Not only as my earthly sister but also as your Heavenly sister in Christ!

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