Back to paintings…

I have been finishing some paintings these past few weeks…here and there amidst everything and pretty much finished just in time before tomorrow. There are some details left, but I am going to procrastinate the rest of this week on that part and feel just fine in doing so. 😀 However, I am highly anticipating what is coming up after this week and wanted to share a bit of exciting news. The month of February will be full of art! If you are in the area, my paintings will be in two different places: a coffee shop and a library. Yeah, you read that right–A LIBRARY!!! 😀

Xenia Community Library displays local artists’ work on the second floor in the hallway. My paintings will be on display there for the month starting February 4th (actually that is the day I will be hanging them…so starting February 5th). Displayed are some of my personal ones as well as a few from the art show in August. But just the fact that they are in a library is so cool! Books and art! Just add a cup of coffee or tea and it is like a free museum. 😉

My paintings will also be at the coffee shop, Beans-n-Cream, in Cedarville again. I painted some new canvases themed with spring, love, flowers, bright colors, and fun. I incorporated different media (silk flowers, buttons, book pages) in the paintings as well, as I am trying new techniques and styles. Like my Dad always said when we were ordering pizza: “Expand your horizons.” (I always just wanted cheese. Then I realized I was missing out! Add the veggies!!!) 😀

I am getting very excited for these two avenues as they approach quickly! Just getting back into painting has been exciting too! It had been too long.

Here are a few paintings that will be at Beans-n-Cream:






Now that the paintings are set, I am ready for this week though my thoughts have been anxious (especially today). Not fearful, just nervous I guess. Like I can’t sit still, because I am trying to get a few more things done before tomorrow. But I should just take a bit to sit and be still…so I am remembering Zephaniah 3:17 (italics emphasized),

The Lord your God is in your midst,
a mighty one who will save;
he will rejoice over you with gladness;
he will quiet you by his love;
he will exult over you with loud singing.

Tomorrow starts very early…please pray for safety as we travel down to Cincinnati and thank you for already praying for the surgery and doctors. I will not be taking my computer with me this time, but if anything comes up or I stay long, I will get a post in somehow.

Thank you for your continued prayers, love, encouragement, Bible verses and letters. They mean so much.



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10 responses to “Back to paintings…

  1. Tanis Huebner

    Love the paintings and look forward to seeing more!

    • mel

      Thanks A. Tanis! I look forward to paintng more as things will start to come up for the summer and the art show again in August. I am not doing what I did last year and painting them all in July…this year, I am planning ahead. 😀 So many more paintings to come!! 😀

  2. Sheri Garner Tearpak

    Love the art! I especially like the oh, so darling owl! Wish I were there to see all your work displayed. We are continuing to pray for you, special one.

  3. All the best Mel!! Take care dear!!! U r special!!

  4. Esther Morford

    Thanks for your post. I’ll be thinking about you tomorrow. My sister is having a shoulder replaced tomorrow in Phoenix. Speedy recovery to both of you.

    • mel

      Hello Mrs. Morford,

      Thanks for the note. I hope and pray everything went smoothly for your sister as well! Recovery here is going great. 😀

  5. Megan

    Woah that’s cool for your art work to be in a library!! Those 2 places sound like a great place to put your paintings:) Glad they opened up for the opportunity for you to do so! Love you!!!! XOXO

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