A Monday in Disguise

The past few days I have been a walking contradiction. I have had P.O.D.’s song, “Alive” on my mind all weekend, but I have been anything but that. Combination of lack of enthusiasm plus lots of work hours, I spent most of my spare time taking naps or simply putting off what I need to do. At the time, I just did not want to do it..mostly writing emails and letters. I even found myself thinking yesterday, “I am tired of writing.” (GASP!) I know. But it was an honest thought. Then, I get two letters in the mail. One from a friend back home in CO and another from one of my Grandma’s. Cherished letters. Handwritten just for me. That changed everything.

So today as I hummed, “Alive,” I thought to myself: “Today has been a good day!” I had fatigue at work, but a cup of tea and relaxing for a half hour on the couch when I got home solved that problem. My back has been giving me a lot of pain, so I took breaks every hour to lay on the floor. Always worth it, especially since Terminex was here this morning…no more surprise spiders leaping out from under the couches while I try to stretch.

Today was raining, but I loved it. We need the moisture and I needed the excuse to stay inside. Plus I themed it while I worked on sorting pictures by watching Singing in the Rain. Not much beats that. I finished sorting by year all of my college pictures and uploaded ones that I need to copy off onto Shutterfly. I felt like a champion, even though the piles and piles of all my other pictures are still in unorganized heaps.

Yep, today was a Monday in disguise…no doubt about it.

How was your Monday?


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