Stay At Home Travels

So a bunch of my friends are traveling around, seeing the world and I would just have to be honest right now and say that I am just a wee bit jealous! But, then I also realized…”Well, ok, I have been to Greece!” 🙂 That counts. But still, taking a nice long travel to Europe is at the top of my life’s wish list. I guess I can always keep hopeful thoughts. As Justin Bieber says, “Never say never.” 🙂

Since it is out of reality at the present moment, I decided I could do a bit of “stay at home” travels. I remembered my Greece pages on the “I Like” links are not complete. I am so sorry if you have tried to click on the pictures for more, because I forgot about them. Thus, they are under construction. 🙂 Until the end of September, it is my goal to get those pages and stories done. Also too, my goal is to organize my stacks of life’s birth til present pictures that are currently out-of-order and helplessly stacked in bags in the closet. I love pictures so the task is not daunting, just a matter of sitting down and achieving the organization goal!! Sad though, has anyone else noticed that photo albums are going extinct? Hobby Lobby is the best place now to buy them, but the styles are limited. Just a sad thought–like negatives! 😦

There are many debates (ok not really, but the word fit) on how to store pictures. Some use boxes; others use photo albums; USB and disks; or just on your i Phone. I do not have an i Phone, so my digital pictures are either on my computer or backed up on a USB. Well, I learned a few important things in the world of digital cameras a few weeks ago. I was finally uploading my Greece pictures from my USB to my Shutterfly account, so I can get copies for my scrapbook I hope to complete (I will add the term here, “someday”).  Now, when I went to Greece, I figured that it was a one in a million opportunity…”Click, click, click.” 🙂 Five thousand pictures later, I got home and deleted the bad or blurry ones. Still an epic close to four thousand. But I figure, two weeks of seeing just about everything, that was a pretty fair number. LOL.

Anyway, back to my story–I had my USB plugged in my computer and after a few hours of uploading, I was getting near the end. I went to stand up and was aiming to put my computer on the chair that I used to prop up my feet. But when I stood, I held onto the computer only with my left hand (dumb choice). I was trying to balance with my right hand on the rocking chair, but instead lost everything. The computer fell out of my hands, crashing on the USB, which landed hard on my right foot. USB=busted. In a moments flash, I thought to myself–“I just lost everything.” I had bank files on there, other pictures, school papers, and an awesome power point I presented for my Humanities class.

Definitely a gasp of frustration and panic, but life goes on. Lesson learned for sure. Of my Greece pictures, I only lost the last day–The Acropolis. But my pictures of the Parthenon did not turn out great anyway. It was so hot that day and windy. I got fried like a lobster and could not hear much, plus the rocks are so slippery there with steep steps (and super crowded)…that is what I remember of my last day in Athens. 🙂 Then we went shopping. So I always have my souvenirs. But as my mom says, “Pictures are the best souvenirs.” I think she says it a little different, but I get my picture genes from her for sure. 😀 In this case, my best memories and pictures of other days in Greece are safe.

The moral of my dramatic story is this: Do not procrastinate uploading or printing special pictures and keep them in order always. 🙂 You will avoid years of frustration. Now you know my downfall. Have a great start of the week. If nothing else, say cheese. 🙂


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6 responses to “Stay At Home Travels

  1. Tanis Huebner

    Ha, ha, Melinda! I so agree with you about getting those pictures developed into hard copies! Love, Aunt Tanis

  2. Mom is so wise! Pictures are definitely the best souveniors! (Did I spell that right?? I never know how to spell that word…) I also have an EPIC amount of photos from our trips/travels around Asia that have still not been completely sorted through or printed out. I have purchased all of the albums for the photos (years ago, actually!), but there the albums sit, empty on the shelf… so sad and empty. Lol. The main thing is that printing out quality pictures these days costs a RIDICULOUS amount of money! We’re talking like thousands of dollars for all of the photos that David and I have to print out. Crazy. Anyway, it is my goal to do this once I move on to my next job/phase of life and have more time. Who knows when/where that will be, but I will do it eventually! Love you. Glad you are blogging. xoxoxoxoxox

    • mel

      Yep, you got it right. I got mine right, because I used spell check. There are certain words that I can never spell. That is one of them. Yeah, printing pictures is expensive. But cheaper than developing film for sure! I like Shutterfly. Pretty cheap and good prints. Except a few they must have this “zoom to fill” or something, because a few of my painting prints were cut off funny. Hmmm. Maybe you should print your pictures in different sets. Like divide it into different countries. That way in eliminates (1) big stacks of pictures that easily get out of order and (2) big bills. [Heed my advice for #1. Just speaking from experience! :)]

      So, you know how Mom always said that if there was a fire, the only thing she would want to save is pictures. Well, I got a laugh the other night. She was helping me find a picture I needed. Of course it did not take very long since her closet of albums are all in order and dated. But then later I thought of the fire situation. No way that she would be able to rescue all her pictures. LOL. Maybe she should specify which albums. Which should totally be the ones with the old pictures. Or her scrapbooks of the grandparents lineage and stuff. So organized! I look over at my heap of pictures in shame! LOL

  3. Megan Slifer

    Oh no!! Well, I’m glad to hear you’ve got your photos from the other days still safe – that would have been sooo awful if you had lost them all.. I’m currently working on photos today. I’ve got 2 years saved up on my computer to be printed but haven’t printed them out to put into photo albums yet. At least they are in order but still….. it takes time:):) Love you much!!!!!!!!!!! XOXO

    • mel

      Yeah, it takes lots of time! While I work on ordering some Greece pictures soon, I am also going to print my college pics! Don’t want to lose those!! LOL 🙂 xoxo

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