Labor Day Weekend Recap

Hi everyone!

Last week seemed to go extremely fast! Wednesday’s session of Occupational Therapy went very well. Although it does not feel like it, my hands have improved from the strengthening exercises and brace (which I lost this weekend…story below). My next session is October 19th. The OT gave me a stronger “soft” putty. The irony. LOL. She also wanted me to do some thumb strengthening exercises, because they are actually very weak–which surprised me, because I feel my thumbs take a lot of control when using my hands to lift things or obviously when I text. 🙂 But they are weak, so I hope the strengthening exercises help.

How was your Labor Day weekend? Mine resembled much like the Adventures in Odyssey episode where the Barkley’s go on vacation in their home town–i.e. camping in their living room, playing guess-the-animal-when-blindfolded at the zoo and having ice cream at Whit’s End. While mine was not to that extent–it was a wonderful weekend with my family. Here is a quick recap:


I worked a short morning shift and then hurried home to join my family as we embarked in a journey back in time at George Rogers Clark Park a few towns over in Springfield, OH. The 30th Annual The Fair at New Boston was taking place all day Saturday and Sunday. I am glad we got there in the early morning, because there was so much to see and we were blessed to see most of the fair before the rain came in little splurges (more like random downfall that felt like hail.) What a fun event!!! It is a whole field was replica of the era 1790’s-1812. There were Indian encampments (we saw the Drum and Dance event), tents full of clothes, jewelry, gentlemen and ladies hats, wool socks, goodies, kids toys, food, shoes, a blacksmith and a printer, Daniel Boone enactment, tea and pottery–all this from that specific time era. The people who volunteered to be in the event did a great job in keeping the time era within the conversation. My mom heard a little boy ask a native how much his pipe cost. The reply: “About three beavers.” HAHA 🙂

I don’t know which was my favorite part, because it was all so neat to experience! I really liked the way they portrayed the social classes at the time: the workers, the soldiers, the upperclass women in their fancy clothes carrying baskets of fruit. The soldiers did a reenactment of a battle that actually took place in that area as George Rogers Clark held off the natives from joining the British forces in the war. I also really enjoyed seeing the ladies go through the washing clothes process. There were horses, oxen, chickens and a rooster. There was a man carrying around a rat in its cage and gave us the recipe for “Rat Stew.” We also ate amazing “ham and biskut” for a late lunch and you could buy an ale- looking mug for your drinks, then you got to keep the mug!! I just set my mug in my “colonial yellow and patriot themed room” with some flowers next to my bookshelf.

I bought a bag of butter mints, which were delicious and we all shared some peach over pound cake for a small dessert before we headed out. When you took the exit, a sign read, “You are now entering the 21st century.” Like Twilight Zone! If you are ever in the area for Labor Day, this event is quite a destination! At the bottom of this post are some pictures and the event website.

But first a few more stories about the weekend. Well, by now you are probably wondering what happened to my finger brace. Well, I’ll tell ya–I was not prepared for the major grass ruts we encountered at the fair. Within a few minutes of entering, my ankle twisted and I found the grass. 🙂 My dad was carrying a big umbrella, so it was just the right size to be my cane. I did find until we stopped at this tent that had gadets and kid games. They had this sign up that talked about how people at that time judged their character and personality by their nose shape. So getting a closer step to the clay nose-shaped examples, I triped over the tent peg and grabbed hold of the tent ropes. Envisioning the tent collapsing, I let go and did this slow motion backwards fall to the ground. People around thought I fainted (must have been graceful). But seriously, it was a hot and humid day, so I can see their train of thought. A few gentlemen from the other tent came over to help me get up and they asked if I was ok. I said, “Oh yeah. I was just trying to see my nose shape.” 🙂 I think that is where I lost my finger brace. I remember feeling it sliding off as I grabbed the rope, but never looked for it as my mind was on this–“just act cool”–moment after the fall. That is my only logical explanation.

Just one more side note–just for you history lovers like myself–George Rogers Clark was the older brother to William Clark of the Lewis and Clark expedition. Interesting. Well, Sunday after the community Church service, I took a nap! Then we enjoyed a movie at the Cedarville Opera House and a bit of ice cream from the new “parlor” in town. Yesterday, we attended the community pancake breakfast provided by our local volunteer firefighters. Next event was the rainy CedarFest parade. A bit of relaxing (another nap), dinner with my sister and brother-in-law, and we finally ended the weekend by watching the town fireworks from our patio, then playing a game of Pictionary.

What a spectacular weekend! Now, if you are wondering how I play Pictionary–good question! Look forward to that story tomorrow. 🙂 As promised, here are some pictures (thank you to my mom–I was a bit too wobbly to take my own) from the Fair at New Boston. And the website:


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2 responses to “Labor Day Weekend Recap

  1. Tanis Huebner

    Loved hearing about your fabulous weekend! Ours was not as exciting. I puttered around the house and Glen worked on the attic insulation.
    Aunt Tanis

    • mel

      Hi A. Tanis! Your weekend sounded productive, which was everything we were not! 🙂 I am sure getting the odd jobs done around the house will be nice for future events. Nothing like getting it done while you have time! Hope your weekend was restful too!

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