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After a strenuous one mile walk on the bike path the other evening, I decided on something like a fact. I should just stop walking on the bike path. And instead, go the park and SWING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is nothing that says a swing set is only for children. Thus, I concluded: it will be my new full cardio workout. For several reasons–

  1. I can swing 24/7/365. Hence, it is not seasonal like most sports.
  2. I have no worries about twisting my ankle or running into bikers/rollerbladers as I aimlessly [but not on purpose] strive to walk in a straight line.
  3. I can use swinging to strengthen my ankles. When I swing back and then bring my legs forward, I can practice bringing my right foot up straight instead of crooked. My PT would be so proud of my efforts.
  4. I can manage which direction I sit to avoid sun or enhance my workout by the wind.
  5. I can go for five minutes and feel like I put off a ton of calories (but okay, I plan to go for a full workout!)
  6. I can invite others to join me without feeling embarrased about my lack-of-eye-and hand-coordination other sports require.
  7. It is stress relief.
  8. And it is fun. 🙂

Do you like to swing?


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