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Recap: Art on the Lawn Festival

Hi everyone. ūüôā

Can I just say for¬†a Monday, today was good! I read Psalm 23 this morning in my study of finding the phrase “steadfast love” within the Psalms. Psalm 23:6 says, “Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life.”¬†I never took note of this before,¬†but today I read¬†the numerical at the bottom reference to the¬†word “mercy.” It¬†says,¬†“Or steadfast love.” So I noted the¬†verse in my notebook.

I found Psalm 23 exactly what I needed to¬†read after¬†getting through the rest of last week and the weekend. God’s mercy and goodness was evident, but I cannot¬†say¬†that I held on to¬†the¬†steadfast love in all areas like I should have–instead I chose to cling on fear to a few health related issues…forgetting the peace and calmness of the still waters; forgetting how He restores the soul.

I am entirely grateful to my family who put up with my frazzled grumpiness and helped me immensely in the preparation (writing the price tags, putting in the thumbtacks and twine on the back of the paintings for hanging), set up/take down of my booth on Saturday and stayed all day with me at the festival. I could not have done this without them!!


I will say though that overall I was better prepared this year than past year, including getting a better nights sleep. It is interesting to see the difference one year can make, even within my painting style. As Mom and I were pricing on Thursday, I took note of my work: focused on smaller paintings, more abstract and ones with media. I stretched myself last year in my paintings to paint detail and broad themes; some of my best work is from last summer.

But over the year much has changed and I can see the paintings this year represent my style of what I am comfortable with and best at painting–a more relaxed approach¬†yet¬†detailed in its creativity. I would be lying to say that I don’t miss details, because I do. But sometimes even painting my “Mel” at¬†the bottom corner is enough¬†detail for me. I am¬†just thankful that¬†I can still paint!


So how was the art show?¬†Fantastic!¬†It was a LONG day…I could have gone for a second¬†round of coffee, but the day could¬†not have been better. We were blessed with¬†beautiful¬†weather and my booth¬†sat¬†right¬†in front of a huge tree, which offered pleasant shade in the afternoon. In conversation, I did fairly well. It is hard for me, because I talk more than I listen just because I can’t hear…but as time went on, I felt more relaxed–enjoying watching¬†people point to paintings they liked and¬†meeting people or talking¬†with the friends who came to my booth too.¬†At the end of the day, I survived staying awake through dinner but then fell asleep on the drive home (last year I fell asleep AT dinner).


I want to say a thank you to the staff at the Village Artians, who coordinated this event. They went above and beyond making sure that the vendors’ needs were met. I can’t say that I will be in next year’s festival (who knows what another year will bring), but if the door is opened, then I would love the opportunity to participate again. Either way, painting this year will not stop for five months as it did last year–doors continue to¬† open¬†and I am ready to restart on¬†the journey¬†through art.

Creativity takes courage. ~Henri Matisse


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An Invitation!

It is that time of year again! Around¬†this area, every town¬†seems to¬†have a¬†festival of some¬†kind throughout the summer and into the¬†Fall.¬†There¬†are¬†the art and craft festivals, the music festivals, farmer’s markets full of fresh produce, history festivities…to name a few.

Early last spring, through Beans-n-Cream, I heard about an annual art festival in Yellow Springs called, “The Art on the Lawn Festival.” Yellow Springs is an artsy, tourist town–and so the thought of¬†being part of this event really excited me. It would be an opportunity to be alongside other local and out-of-state artists¬†for¬†a day. I would get to see their work and others could see mine. It would also give me¬†a chance¬†to tell¬†more people about¬†my story of living with¬†NF2¬†and¬†how I¬†started painting.

So, I set out to apply for a booth space at¬†the festival. After being approved, I vigorously painted for the festival, enjoying every minute of it (stress and tears were part of making the day a joyous one!) At the end of the festival, I was personally invited to next year’s show. I found that special and an honor.

In May, I resubmitted my application to secure a booth position and started slowly painting, thinking all the while, “I have plenty of time!” Here it is: two weeks to the festival! No stress or tears as of yet, but let’s just say these next two weeks, my primary focus is on the art festival details and finishing a few more paintings.

With that being said, you are invited! ūüėÄ I am so thankful for the opportunity to be in this event yet again! If you are in the area and have the chance to stop by my booth, I would love to meet you and answer any questions you may have about my paintings or the NF2 disease.¬†(For those who can’t make the day–a blog of the event and pictures will follow.)

I dream my painting and I paint my dream.

~Vincent van Gogh



P.S. If you received a hard copy of the invitation from me, you may (or not) have noticed that the year was wrong on the festival date. Just disregard the error. ūüôā


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More Art on the Lawn Photos!

Hello all!

I hope your Sunday was a pleasant day whether you worked or you rested. I rested!!! I pretty much just got nothing done! I tried to upload some pictures on here yesterday and ended up falling asleep again on the couch! I guess I needed it. Yesterday was a nice time to reflect on Saturday’s events with my family and discuss future possibilities. This really was a huge event for me…such an open door to step through and see where it leads. It is exciting, and all so new–I have more things to learn about in different areas that are in the making. Currently, I do not have any paintings displayed at any other locations. There are several good possibilities for later events, so ¬†I will be sure to keep every one updated of the where and when details as time goes on. So if that interests you, just keep checking occasionally for new posts concerning this matter. They would be referenced under the paintings archive. ūüôā

And finally for today… more pictures!!!

This was the front left side of my booth. The story board shares a bit of my story and highlights of my past ten years of living with NF2.

My family was present, but this is the only picture I got with a family member. ūüôā

My booth was right off the sidewalk! Just perfect!!

And as promised–a few of my favorites!!!

Call me a cat l0ver, but this is one of my ultimate favorites!

Thanks to my sister for the idea of putting the word “HOPE” instead of flowers! ūüôā

The day after I finished this painting, a cardinal flew past my windshield on my way to work. I was passing through a wooded area, just a beautiful setting and a big surprise! It was special…my first sight of one since the move here!!

I like the simplicity of this set and the color blends. It started out as a place to use my extra paints. Then the idea formed in my head! Notice any patterns?? ūüôā

And this is a true representation of my brushstroke style and the abstract painting that I just love! The contrast from light to different shades of dark with the green spot as the middle focus. I didn’t plan it that way, but that is just how it turned out. ūüôā It was a really fun painting! I was painting in my normal fashion–when my concentration was disrupted by a splatter of blue paint; I went in for the curve like motion and my force was too strong! I saw a whole blob fly in the air (literally) and land across the room on the floor. LOL. Whoops!! ūüėČ

Lastly, another peacock! It is quite a bit bigger than the one I painted for my sister a year ago. I used sort of the same format, but different style of the feathers and facial features. My favorite part of this painting (or on peacocks in general) is their mohawk feathers on their head! ūüėÄ

Thanks for taking the time to see my pictures! I hope you enjoy them, because each one was fun to paint and create. As you view my work, remember that all things are possible with God! He shows it to me time and time again with every new painting I paint. I would have never in my wildest dreams see myself doing something like this. And yet, here I am. ūüôā I am so excited to see where this leads…and lots to pray about in the mean time! Have a great day everyone!

More to come…


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Art as a language.

Have you heard the phrase that when people are fluent in a language, they dream it? If art is a language, then I am fluent in it. ūüôā¬†The last few weeks, I have been painting in my dreams! I can see the colors and feel myself doing¬†brushstroke techniques…blending and creating. Considering¬†this week’s¬†schedule,¬†I guess the lack of sleep and all those hours in the basement were rewarded today!!

Let’s just say today was AMAZING!!! What a neat experience to be part of the Art on the Lawn Festival in Yellow Springs! I met so many nice people and some of my friends came too! It was a long day though! Starting out the event with¬†only a few hours of sleep is not ideal, but I am planning on catching up on sleep tomorrow. Anyway, the day was a grand time! Kicked off the event by twisting my ankle in a hole incognito by the grass¬†as I was walking to the registration table. No harm done…only grass stained pants!¬†My family was there to help set up, which I think they did a superb job!! (Kudos!!!) During the day, most conversations were giving information…most people have never heard of the disease before. I had a story board there with some pictures to explain some of my story, which helped a lot to understand about the genetics and why I have the disease. Because a portion of my proceeds are going to be sent to The Children’s Tumor Foundation, they were able to send us flyers for more readings. I think we passed out all but two! I was amazed though at the¬†occasional conversations with people¬†who are either¬†cancer surviors or knew someone¬†who¬†struggled from¬†other benign tumors or even NF1.¬†To think that¬†these¬†diseases are so different and yet there is a common ground. We understand¬†each other. ūüôā

Today just could not have been any better! I raised over a hundred dollars for¬†The Children’s Tumor Foundation! Thank you everyone who contributed!¬†God even blessed the day with super¬†dark, rainy¬†clouds that never poured! Only a few sprinkles! And to end the day, some of our family friends were there to help take down…which was a blessing, because I think by that time we all were pretty much exhausted! I even¬†fell asleep at the dinner table! LOL.¬†My favorite part of the day¬†was sharing¬†all the excitement with my family. They deserved it just as much as me. Although they would deny that–but I would not be doing this without their ideas,¬†support, prayers¬†and encouragement!

I was asked a few times today what inspires my paintings. Truly a good question! The only answer I can say is that this is a gift that God has given to me. I love to encourage people. And now I have a¬†new passion to share my story, think of others above myself, stretch myself beyond what I think I am capable of doing, and have fun in the process.¬†Today I was called an artist. As an artist,¬†I am still not sure where¬†this leads but I would love to be part of something like this again!! Right now, I just look forward to things getting back to normal for a few days: Back to normal sleeping schedules; back to one cup of coffee a day (not three!); back to normal work hours; and¬†back to writing blog posts more frequently. ¬†ūüôā Speaking of which–I am starting to fall asleep.¬†Time for rest!¬†More to come…


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You’re Invited!!

Wow. This Saturday couldn’t come any faster! And with a loaded week of doctor appointments, work, a football game ūüôā and the finishing touches of paints and details for the display of my booth…sleeping in¬†my MRI today has never felt so good!!! Yep, these summer months just seemed to fly right on by!!! My last MRI was in April. Things were stable, so the decision was to go another three months with no treatments of any sort and let my leg¬†continue to heal from the blood clot. I am doing well for the most part. Some days I feel the tightness and pressure¬†from the tumors more than others, but God always gives the grace needed to continue on. I must admit that standing on my feet all day long while painting and¬†drinking lots of¬†caffeine is not very normal, so I will look forward to more normality next week.

There are a few things on my list that I need to discuss with doctors about on Thursday. My mom and I go down for a full day of appointments with different doctors. I also have a hearing test on Thursday morning.

Usually during a week like this–full of doctor appointments–I often get nervous. Since I don’t know the results of my MRI, my mind starts to wander…thinking of all the different things that could be showing on the scans. I get frustrated when I go to the appointments and hear that nothing has changed on the scans. Don’t get me wrong, that is great news! But when side affects continue to change–more weakness, more difficulties in hearing, more pain spasms, more achy nerves, more fatigue…if I go Thursday and hear “No change”–I might be upset. But see this is all nonsense to think this way. I have no idea of the scan results and no control over it, so why worry about it? Bad habit I suppose.

To ease my bad habit, I honestly have been too busy these past few weeks and especially this weekend to even think about my doctor appointments. I have too much on my “to do” list for¬†Saturday. I am so thankful for my family helping me…not only with different suggestions for paintings, but also ideas for my display and logo, getting supplies, steering clear of my messes in the basement, encouraging me¬†when I am¬†burnt out, and for planning on being there to help¬†all day during the festival! One thing that is for sure–if I ever do another event like this, I will (1) have all the supplies such as tables and a canopy, (2) have one experience under my belt for reference of things that went well and things that did not, and (3) I will remember the cause/effect of procrastination and not go in¬†that direction! Overall, it has been a great learning experience! I even painted different styles and experimented with different themes, textures and colors. ūüôā Not to mention sizes! Some paintings are almost as big as me (and wider!)

Thus, I would like to formally invite you to this Saturday’s events!

What a great opportunity to represent my paintings, my passion and what God has done in my life! I am so excited!! Check back early next week for a few pictures of my favorite paintings and stories of Saturday’s event!


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