You’re Invited!!

Wow. This Saturday couldn’t come any faster! And with a loaded week of doctor appointments, work, a football game 🙂 and the finishing touches of paints and details for the display of my booth…sleeping in my MRI today has never felt so good!!! Yep, these summer months just seemed to fly right on by!!! My last MRI was in April. Things were stable, so the decision was to go another three months with no treatments of any sort and let my leg continue to heal from the blood clot. I am doing well for the most part. Some days I feel the tightness and pressure from the tumors more than others, but God always gives the grace needed to continue on. I must admit that standing on my feet all day long while painting and drinking lots of caffeine is not very normal, so I will look forward to more normality next week.

There are a few things on my list that I need to discuss with doctors about on Thursday. My mom and I go down for a full day of appointments with different doctors. I also have a hearing test on Thursday morning.

Usually during a week like this–full of doctor appointments–I often get nervous. Since I don’t know the results of my MRI, my mind starts to wander…thinking of all the different things that could be showing on the scans. I get frustrated when I go to the appointments and hear that nothing has changed on the scans. Don’t get me wrong, that is great news! But when side affects continue to change–more weakness, more difficulties in hearing, more pain spasms, more achy nerves, more fatigue…if I go Thursday and hear “No change”–I might be upset. But see this is all nonsense to think this way. I have no idea of the scan results and no control over it, so why worry about it? Bad habit I suppose.

To ease my bad habit, I honestly have been too busy these past few weeks and especially this weekend to even think about my doctor appointments. I have too much on my “to do” list for Saturday. I am so thankful for my family helping me…not only with different suggestions for paintings, but also ideas for my display and logo, getting supplies, steering clear of my messes in the basement, encouraging me when I am burnt out, and for planning on being there to help all day during the festival! One thing that is for sure–if I ever do another event like this, I will (1) have all the supplies such as tables and a canopy, (2) have one experience under my belt for reference of things that went well and things that did not, and (3) I will remember the cause/effect of procrastination and not go in that direction! Overall, it has been a great learning experience! I even painted different styles and experimented with different themes, textures and colors. 🙂 Not to mention sizes! Some paintings are almost as big as me (and wider!)

Thus, I would like to formally invite you to this Saturday’s events!

What a great opportunity to represent my paintings, my passion and what God has done in my life! I am so excited!! Check back early next week for a few pictures of my favorite paintings and stories of Saturday’s event!


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4 responses to “You’re Invited!!

  1. Wish I could be there to see your art in person! I am praying that the appointments and the art show will both go well! I’ll be anxious to hear all about the show and am praying for you to have peace about your scan results etc. May God settle your nerves, my friend. Love you!

    • mel

      Thanks Sheri! Yesterday went well, just a super long 12 hour day when I could have been painting! 🙂 I will post soon about the results! Right now, we have to price paintings and get the last details done! Wish you guys could be here too! Maybe I could travel to CO and do an art show there 😉 Thanks for your prayers and encouragement!

  2. A.B.

    Awesome Mel – wish I could come! I would bring Silas and Sofia!!

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