Light of His Glory

How is it that light is a cause of blindness? It is something I cannot fathom, yet that is my problem. This is not a stare-at-the-sun problem…it is any light. From sunny or overcast days, lamps and overhead lights, to the background color brightness on my computer and Nook.

I probably drive my family nuts, because one minute it is dark for me, especially when   natural light still streams in the windows; eventually, lights are turned on where needed, depending on what I am doing and where I sit, you’ll hear, “Hold on…eye is adjusting!” The contrast of dark and light is effected by anything: how Fast I turn my head; the color of the room or what people are wearing; light reflecting off my silverware or bathroom counter; and even how much I strain my eye reading what I type or Nook or finger spelling.

I do not feel that my eye is dimming in darkness like my right eye…rather it is fading through the blind spots. The more I strain my eye, the, more I think light sensitivity increases.

“I feel like a star,” I tell Mom as she helps me with emails…except that night, my thoughts of stars were backwards. Instead of getting brighter before they die out, they already have died. We see that radiance thousands of light years away. To

realize I am but a speck in the heavens, yet God calls me by name, only puts me more in awe of

His Majesty. My eyes may never see stars again, but when I focus my eyes on Jesus, I see the Light of His Glory and Grace.


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7 responses to “Light of His Glory

  1. Rebecca Baker

    Thanks for a beautiful perspective–or should I say vision–of the value God places on each of us. Though we are but a speck in the sky, as you said, He calls us by name. How gracious of Him. How perceptive of you to see it. There are many in this world who do not see that!

  2. Liz Garthly

    And He holds our right hand and promises to be with us always. We do have a wondrous God! Your closeness to Him is an encouragement to all who know you and read your blogs. Love you sister in Christ!

  3. A.B.

    You are a light Mel. You shine…

  4. Deborah

    Oh, Melinda! You are so right! The perspective we get when we turn our eyes upon Jesus puts EVERYTHING right where it belongs. His glory and grace…thank you so much for your consistent, faithful, beautiful reminder! I appreciate you! ❤ And, I continue in prayer for you!

  5. sheron

    Melinda, as I read your post my heart was reminded of the Great hymn of Faith…”Turn your eyes Upon Jesus”… OH soul are you weary & troubled ? No light in the darkness you SEE … there’s light for a LOOK at the Savior, And LIFE more abundant and free !
    Chours: Turn your eyes upon Jesus Look full in His wonderful face
    And the things of earth will grow strangely dim
    In the light of HIS glory and grace.
    That’s exactly what you are doing….What a legacy for us to follow in your example…that’s ” FAITH, HOPE. & JOY” Love you dear Girl

  6. Kim Jenerette

    While your vision suffers, your vision on Christ grows stronger every day … I like the song that Sheron has shared … Turn you eyes upon Jesus … the chorus seems to be exactly what you are experiencing … looking full in the wonderful face of Jesus and the things of earth are growing strangely dim … in the light of his glory and grace …

    See Mel … through you sharing your physical ailments (like the Psalmist) but then focusing on Christ and His glory (like the Psalmist), then sharing this with us, I am encouraged not only by your words, but words of others …

    To God be the glory!!! Great things he has done (and is doing) …

    We love you,

    Uncle Kim, Aunt Lisa, Kayla, Becky, and Brooke

  7. Debby


    You have a way to bring me back to earth! When I begin to feel sorry for myself for my little aches and discomforts. Thank you for reminding me how much God loves me. Even though, I may not “see Him” He sees me! You are amazing! Have a great evening! Close your eyes and see the stars!

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