A New Way to View Walking (Part One)

During my Denver days, I did a lot of walking. I started just as a college freshman going around campus to classes, chapel, the cafeteria or my favorite: basketball games on the weekends. Our campus was not that large—probably only a mere block of Lakewood, which is a suburb of Denver. Besides weekly off-campus ministry, I didn’t venture around much that first year…but it wasn’t like I was unfamiliar with Denver and surrounding areas. All the adventures Mom and I had during my radiation treatments in high school were refreshed very quickly.

The change began that summer before returning to CCU as a sophomore. I met God. GFGGG For the first time since diagnosis, I embraced the unanswered unknowns—and opening my heart was the first of small steps to bigger  change, and it changed everything.

I returned to campus feeling anew; not sure when it began, but I started walking the neighborhood behind campus. A few blocks up, past an elementary school, there was a grassy hill, surrounded by trees to set it apart from the houses. There was a play area for kids and a swing-set. I walked there quite often, just to swing.

I continued these walking neighborhood ventures the rest of my time that I lived on campus…even when I did move off and got an apartment with friends, I still went for lots of walks.

Looking back, it probably was not the smartest thing to wander around alone, even if I was careful. But I never felt alone because my times were spent talking with God. I have to say that I did most of the talking. But when I finally stopped and listened, I saw Him in nature. And even though He didn’t really speak to me at that time about things that I brought up in discussion, I saw now seven years later that I was seeing some more discussions reappear.

Even though today my walking is a bit different, when I feel someone’s hand help guide me or point me in a direction I need to go, I think back on these walks when I could feel God with me, even if it was just the breeze in my hair, the beauty of the spring flowers or crunching through the leaves in the fall. I cherish those walking memories and even though now I sit, I am still trying to see God from a different perspective and in our new discussions I have learned that He may not answer right away, I know He will answer and I am ready to listen.

Jars of Clay ~ Love Song for a Savior

In open fields of wild flowers
She breathes the air and flies away
She thanks her Jesus for the daises and the roses
In no simple language
Someday she’ll understand the meaning of it all
I want to fall in love with You
I want to fall in love with You
I want to fall in love with You
I want to fall in love with You


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4 responses to “A New Way to View Walking (Part One)

  1. Liz Garthly

    I love to walk too Melinda. Bill and I go to the gym and I can actually do 1 1/4 miles…..a little different from when I use to run for 3 miles. Changes can sometimes be hard, but like you, I am encouraged by our God. I love his promise that He will be with me always and that He will hold my right hand. I am always encouraged by you with your posts. It is amazing how God helps us to adjust our way of thinking and the way we do necessary things. Just like you, I am listening for His words. You are powerful by allowing God to work in your life. I love you sweet friend.

  2. Catherine Aviles

    The Lord has given you precious memories on those walks 🙂

  3. Kim Jenerette

    Melinda, from your posts, I am envious of the close walk you have with God … you may ask if I am envious of the physical toll that these tumors have taken on your body? The answer is no …. I think of the words of Paul in I Corinthians … year ago, I listened to a sermon and the Pastor noted you could sum up Chapter 4:16-18 this way:

    Momentary Eternal
    Light Weight
    Affliction Glory

    MLA for now … EWG for eternity …. your dad was and is one of my closest friends … I am an “old man” in the eyes of some … yet, I learn from you … your walk with God … your focus on Him … your delight and the joy you bring to me and Lisa … you are a beautiful soul …. this is how I see you, Mel … we pray for you without ceasing!

    We love you,

    Uncle Kim and Aunt Lisa

  4. Karen Tucker

    I also enjoy walking and you’re right–that’s an excellent time to see HIs beauty and talk to Him about anything. Thanks again for sharing from your heart; your words touch me and help me see God in a new and different way.

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