I can see You!

Can you see me?

I can see you, but it is not how you see me. I see your figure and body movements…your face, now a clear-ish fuzzy blind spot.  Like anything else, I wish to view with some clarity, I unfocus my eye or look beyond—in hopes to catch a glimpse of  time past the void; yet even then, my unfocused-refocusedness only sees a faded view…the details driven from memory.

How does one live in a changing world of detail by mere use of memory?  To realize your own capacity for the details in life…it becomes overwhelming, and most—if not all—I cannot keep account of my own details.

Details—even in the fading, I see my need to surrender what was my obsession—being detail oriented. Being organized is not a problem, but when it becomes a worry, it is time to let go. And when I refocus on talking to God, I know that He sees me, but not in the way that I see Him.  He saw me before I was born and created me with such detail.  I stand in awe.  I only see Him through my spiritual eyes, because I know how He has worked in my life in the past years.  But in my memory, the details return of all the prayers he has answered in the past.  Of all the detail that came into place at the perfect time.  This is what helps when I am in my times of overwhelmingness, because I know my prayers are being heard and the prayers of many others, and all the little details will again be answered in His perfect timing.

“Perfect Time”


Believe me, I’m not afraid to
Teach me to learn Your ways
Carry me under Your wings
In Your perfect time
Only You, can dreams come true
Only You can make me shine
Only You, can days be right
In Your perfect time

Lyrics by Moya Brennan

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  1. Catherine Aviles

    I love to read your blog and you are an encouragement to others!

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