His Hands and Feet

“Have you ever considered eating a challenge?” I ask looking up from my plate, totally interrupting Mom and Dad’s conversation. We were having bean burritos. Like any other dinner, I was making a mess—but this was close to catastrophy. “Maybe next time I should just eat beans with  a spoon,” I add as I wipe my face and hands with yet another napkin. Looking helplessly back down at my food, I sigh and end, “I can’t figure out which is the open or closed tortilla to pick up.” Dad reaches over and hands me the correct end…I get about three more bites in before it falls apart. Another napkin and scrub from a wet dishcloth, I was finished.

A little later that night, I was sitting at tbe dining room table, with a few large piles of books in front of me…the last of books to send, as the remaining few on my bookshelf are special or for my family to enjoy. I was having problems grouping some of the titles, so I leaned back in my chair to think.

Out of no-where, Audio Adrenaline’s song, “Hands and Feet,” comes to memory. Forgetting the books, momentarily, I pull my hands up—palms facing me—and stare at the feeble, curled fingers.

It wasn’t until the next evening that I contemplated more on the lyrics…why this song?

I still am not certain, but many thoughts came to mind—especially as Easter approaches. At the Last Supper, Jesus became like that of a servant and washed His disciples’ feet.

I see the hands and feet of Jesus each day by those around me, who sacrifice their time and energy to meet my needs…but I will never be able to serve again as they do.

Hands and Feet–I am still seeking mine in this new state of dependency…for when I sing the lyrics, “I will go where you send me,” I want to mean it with my whole heart. So I look to Jesus—whose hands performed miracles and feet walked on water—were nailed to the cross bearing the weight of the world and bringing salvation. And when my body can no longer go on its own, He will continue to carry me to the end.


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7 responses to “His Hands and Feet

  1. Tracy

    Amen, Mel! Keep trusting Him, friend! He IS with you, EMMANUEL, and will see you through!

  2. I love you. So much. Thanks for sharing what God is teaching you and letting Him use you in words across miles to encourage and convict me.

  3. Liz Garthly

    Blessedly you are able to continue to serve, not with your hands, but with all you do and say. You are a blessing every time you write on this blog and let all of us know how much you depend on our Lord as He helps you each and every day….either by His word or by those who love you and continue to be there for you. Just know you are making a huge impact for our Lord. You are loved Melinda!

  4. Catherine Aviles

    He is holding you in the Palm of His Hands!

  5. Allison Nickerson

    How beautiful, yet again. Thank you for sharing your every day experiences and the tender reminders of what God, through Jesus, has done, is doing and will do. Did you ever hear any songs by Al Denson (I’m really going back, I know), he had a song called “Be” and it’s like a prayer. “Be here in my eyes so others may see the beauty and presence of Your Love in one who was blind but now believes…Breathe words to my lips so I may speak, Echo your truth and living words, Lord make me call that I can be…” I was just sitting here reading your blog and it hit me that you live that out, you live out the beauty of a heart so in love with her Savior. Have you read “Hinds Feet on High Places” by Hannah Hurnard? To be so close to the Shepherd is the best place to be. It’s an honor to read what He lays on your heart!

  6. Sheron

    Mel you continue to be the Hands and Feet of Jesus as you testify of God’s loving care through your blog. It reaches out to so many of us challenging us to daily walk with Jesus and allowing Him to lead . Your Faith has made you Whole in Him. Many will trust ! YOU are not Alone ! !

  7. Deborah

    Yes! Your hands, feet, mind, perspective, joy, truth, and focus on Jesus are such a blessing in my life! I so appreciate you and the beauty that God continues to display in you. I am praying for you, Melinda! ❤

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