On Being an Aunt

Just a few days ago, I became an Aunt, for the first official time that is. I have been “Auntie Mel” to three darling boys over two years now, as two of my closest friends have started families. Being an Auntie, by no means, compares to the responsibilities like that of the parent. However, I do have a certain extent of responsibility, even from afar or even when I am privileged to see them  on a visit. And I like to think that I take those responsibilities very seriously.

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Okay, so the silly faces was my idea, but I also felt responsibility to bequeath this knowledge of innocent silliness—and just have fun.

Over the course of these diaper days, I have learned fundamental basics of babies that has prepared me for my own nephew. Basics, such as, appropriate sizes of toddler clothes according to the “m” or “T” numbers; creative gifts for learning; and my favorite—kids’ books. Probably most of all, I am learning not to try and rush past these diaper days. They fly in time quickly enough already, but a week or so before my nephew was born, I got a few emails with baby discussion and note about the new Aunt responsibilities.

Perhaps the reference was a general one, but baby bliss had been in the family texting all week and we were getting anxious to meet the little one that my mind took to thinking of the new baby responsibilities. Living closer to my sister and brother-in-law, compared to my friends, I will hopefully be able to see my nephew more often. And this is where I realized my Aunt responsibilities—for now—are limited and different.

So I made a list and text it to my sister, just for clarification:

  1. Sit and hold the baby, supported by pillows, until my arms feel like they are falling off.
  2. More gifts (like baby shoes!)
  3. Ensuring diapers are well stocked (sort of personal inside joke.)

That’s it. For some reason though, the list bothered me…because I was focusing on how I cannot help. But that was never part of my prayers. I have been praying my eyes hold, in order to see the baby, as well as my sister, Megan, and her husband when they arrive for a time to meet the newest family member too. I still have sight, even if today was ever so frustrating.

I still have yet to hold you, my sweet little nephew…and I will hold you until my arms feel like they are falling off. As you grow, Aunt Mel’s responsibilities may indeed be different, well past diaper days. I can’t play with toys on the floor or read paper-back books or teach you the motions to most of the kid songs that your Grandma might teach you. But there is one thing I can do—something special that never changes. I can tell you why I love Jesus. And I can pray that one day, you love Jesus too.


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8 responses to “On Being an Aunt

  1. Tracy

    And there is no better gift you could give him 🙂 Someday, he will know that Jesus blessed him with YOU 🙂 Love you, Mel! Keep that focus, dear one!

  2. Sheron

    Congratulations Mel ! Thrilled for you and praying you get to see him this week and cuddle…. Leave the diaper changes for your Dad ! His first BOY!
    I’m sure you will be his “favorite Auntie”. Enjoy precious moments with the family. What a gift for both of you nephew & Auntie. Keep us posted !

  3. Deborah

    Oh, Melinda! This, and those prayers are the GREATEST gift that sweet boy could ever have! I am praying you get to cuddle him soon, and that you get to enjoy it thoroughly! SO happy for you! ❤

  4. Kim Jenerette


    My hunch is you do much more than many Aunt’s and Uncle’s …. loving and praying for them is, as you know, incredibly selfless …

    We love you.

    Uncle Kim and Aunt Lisa

  5. Allison Nickerson

    So special! If only children all over the world had an aunt like you 🙂 Praying that you will get to meet this precious boy very soon!

  6. Nancy

    Minda, Your selfless Auntie responsibility – telling him why you love Jesus – brought tears to my eyes and challenged me to be a better Aunt and now great Aunt. Hope you have already held him “till your arms nearly fall off” and have “seen” him – and can hold the memory of how he looks for always.

  7. I thought this devotion might help you. I et a daily devotion from the upper Room each day.
    Jesus looked at them carefully and said, “It’s impossible for human beings. But all things are possible for God.”

    – Matthew 19:26 (CEB)

    Today’s Devotional

    Recently, my daughter and I were both sick while my husband was in another town for his work. So, when we needed some medications we had no one to go to the distant drugstore in the village to buy them for us. I prayed, “Lord, please send someone to help us.” Soon after my prayer, I heard footsteps coming toward our house. When she entered the house, I recognized a girl who lives nearby. This girl can hardly speak, and she doesn’t know how to read or write. However, I smiled at her as she came to me, realizing that she was being sent by God to tend to our needs that day. I took a piece of paper, wrote down the name of the medications that we needed, and gave her some money. I asked her to go to the drugstore and then bring the medicines back to the house. To my relief, she returned to the house only 20 minutes later with the medications in her hand.

    I realized that even though I thought it was impossible to ask the girl for help, God made it possible for her to understand and for me to trust. God’s ways are truly far greater than our ways. God is faithful and will never abandon us.

    Janet M. Manuel (Isabela, Philippines)

    Thought for the Day:

    Thought for the Day: Everything is possible with God.

    Prayer: Dear Lord, help us to realize that your love and ways are greater than our ways and expectations. Amen.

    Prayer Focus: Those With Disabilities

    The scripture quotation, unless otherwise indicated

  8. I was so happy to see your article in the newspaper today and find out you have a blog! I enjoyed this post very much. How wonderful to have a baby in the family! Come say hello on my blog if you’d like. http://www.myfivemen.blogspot.com

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