Snowfall Wonders

White is surrounding me.

Like the peaks of majestic mountains to the tips of gushing waves, the moon shining in night sky.

White is bold.

Like the salt to savor meat, the sweetness of whipped cream above your latte, the pearl necklace for a bride.

White is beautiful.

Like the valiant horse for a King to the forgiveness of wrongs, the robe of the saints.

White is pure.

White surrounds me and I see Light.


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5 responses to “Snowfall Wonders

  1. Sheri tearpak


  2. You’re a poet!
    And I didn’t know it!

    (Cheesy, yes — but it sounds more chipper than “Oh, you’re so masterful with words, you just made me feel a little teary.”

  3. Allison Nickerson

    Hooray! A snow day! Send some our way in SC!

  4. Mandy Bley

    Melinda, I love reading your blog! Thank for sharing so much of yourself and your journey.

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