Update on my Eye

Last week, if you recall, was the surgery for the right eye to see if by releasing the pressure of the swollen sheath surrounding the nerve, due to tumor growth, that it might help my fading vision and even the left eye. The morning of, I only had one pre,surgery rule: eat a light breakfast before 8AM. I never start my week of having breakfast with my dad, but there we were eating together before he set off to work, before joining us later.

After my bowl of blueberry Frosted Mini-wheats and a cup of coffee, I think I started to get more nervous about that evening, because I started getting the jitters (so to speak.) Having already accidentally dropped a new roll of toilet paper in clean bowl water, I also broke a mug and dropped a pill that just so happened to land on the tip-toe of my slipper. We laughed at that one!

We get to the hospital on time, but since one appointment before me was cancelled that morning, as soon as I signed in, I was ushered for preparations. After getting prepared, I met my anesthesiologists, and saw the surgeon for a quick moment. I still did not feel prepared enough mentally, but went under anyway. I don’t remember too much at first when they woke me up–and since it was a later surgery, they wanted to observe me overnight. Dad left for home for work the next day and Mom stayed in my room.

That night’s rest was off and on. Between getting vitals checked and a few chats with Mom, I also suffered a severe migraine. I don’t know how long it lasted, but I remember my Mom sitting on one side stroking my hair and my nurse on the other holding my hand. And after being checked in on by an ER doctor who was finishing his rounds (around 5AM), I truly had a greater appreciation and thankfulness for what these professionals do for their patients. It made me see things from the past, growing up, in new light that I had never experienced before…little things…because each hospital visit, there is always something. 🙂

I finally got some good sleep and when Mom woke me, someone had ordered me breakfast. I guess they thought I had a hearty appetite that morning as I was served two slices of French toast, two strips of bacon, juice and a nice size mug of good coffee. I ate maybe a fourth of the toast, a little bacon and all the coffee. Mom had my juice.

I got discharged around noon, rushed to change back to my regular clothes and then we headed to Children’s for my Wound Care appointment, concerning my left leg. Everyone thought it was because of my swollen shut, puffy and pretty purple eye. I was so tired from the surgery and had a headache, by the time I get in my appointment, I am pretty grumpy and basically fall asleep. Mom was everything that day and when I got home, I basically just went to bed. But it was my bed!

Last week was a blur, really, but as the days went passing, my purpleness faded and the eye started to flicker. Sunday it opened fully for the first time, but didn’t want to stay open long. Yesterday it stayed open for longer periods of time, but most often the eyelid likes to stay half shut; it is still weak. I also let the eye get lazy for that last few weeks prior surgery, it will take time to get my brain re-thinking to have the eyes work together. My right eye is blurry, but I do notice colors seem to be a bit more normal, although it is still sensitive to bright lights.

I have been asked if I think surgery worked, if it was successful. I honestly can’t say yet; it takes a possible up to a month for full recovery. I see my surgeon this Thursday for a follow-up appointment. Thank you for you prayers for this surgery: the peace, for my family and for the surgeons and other staff. Your prayers were heard.

I lift my eyes to the hills,

where does my help come from?

My help comes from the Lord,

Maker of Heaven and Earth.

Psalm 121: 1-2


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2 responses to “Update on my Eye

  1. Jane Thomas

    We will keep praying! Thanks for the update. Love you dear friend!

  2. So good to read your blog Mel. You have been in my thoughts and prayers a lot. I am happy that you could get back to the computer and I’m happy that your “lazy” eye is healing. Hope your leg is doing as well. Bill and I will continue to pray for your sight as you continue to heal. God loves you and so do I.

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