My Story

“Show off,” I sputter being very much out-of-breath. “Just because you can prance up the stairs…” I add with a laugh and having then completed all six stairs leading back to to main patio deck, I see Muffy flop down next to the picnic table. My whole physical being was shouting unanimously the same: SIT! But I still had two more stairs to climb to enter the house.



We had just been out by Mom’s garden taking pictures. I have been eyeing her growing flowers for quite sometime. The Zinnias from the kitchen window are like colored dots upon the green, but it is the sunflowers that I find most captivating. Although it is only a short distance from the back patio to the garden, it was my first time there all summer. It was my first time, because of the barrier between…the grass.


Grass. I am not even sure why, but it is the biggest struggle for my body; talk about a serious case of painstiffy! But it was worth every moment, every bump in the grass, every nudge of love from Muffy, every laugh with my parents.

I’ve been having thoughts of life in a different perspective. Like a story. Dad and I were returning from Cleveland and I found myself gazing out the window to the biggest sunset that I have seen in a long time. Even wearing my sunglasses, I could see beautiful. As I started thinking, I told myself that if God knows my story, then it must be something good, because I can’t see it ending as a tragedy. Just simple faith talk to myself…then I return home to walk “the grass” of reality, find myself pleading for help and receiving grace and mercy in the time of need (Hebrews 4:16.)





My story is still being written, everyday that I live…

*My Mom shared this song with me. “Glorious Unfolding” by Steven Curtis Chapman.


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5 responses to “My Story

  1. Kathy

    You are simply…beautiful. A gift.

  2. Jane Thomas

    Beautiful pictures! Beautiful YOU! I love you dear friend! I loved seeing your yard, your Mom’s lovely garden, and Muffy!

  3. estherbentonmorford

    I loved the pictures of you and the flowers. You are beautiful!

  4. Shelia Bower

    I love it all! You are an amazing inspiration to us all!

  5. Lois

    Beautiful – the flowers and YOU!

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