History Tree

This past weekend, I learned something about myself. I am a hypocrite. Yes, gasp and say it ain’t so, but it is true. Here I am…loving all things history, learning, spending hours reading different subjects while piecing timelines together, asking questions, sharing with anyone interested (or offering an open ear) my findings and listing my future endeavors. But after attending a small family reunion, I realized there is so much more history to uncover: my history.

I’ll admit–ancestry is a confusing topic for me if I do not see the names nicely written on their appropriately placed tree branches. I can tell you the names of my grandparents and a few great-grandparents, but they would have a funny story associated alongside them for me to remember properly. Besides knowing the states in which my grandparents were born, college attended, occupation or years of service to our country…I don’t even know that much about my grandparents and that made me sad. Suddenly I want to know what they dreamed of as kids and what they did as chores; what did they do with their friends in high school or what music styles they enjoyed; when did grandpa(s) know that she (grandmas) was the one he would marry? 🙂

I got to spend a few minutes with just grandpa and grandma this past weekend. I had inquired about a hand-sketched picture. It was grandma’s childhood home, the family farm. As I listened (lip-read), I was thankful for the moment…

Future endeavors leave me with questions about all my grandparents and the lives of older generations in the family tree. I am sure my parents, aunts and uncles can help fill in the blanks of my curiosity, as well as my own reading of family albums that have been scrap-booked with loving care. I guess up until now, I never thought to sit and listen to their stories.

I have three sets of grandparents. Each, in their own way, have given me a piece of personal history by living an example of what following Jesus with their whole hearts truly means. If I get one more chance to ask a question, I will ask how they came to know the Lord. Because it is in our roots, my roots. It is a legacy–passed down through the branches with generations to come.

We will not hide them from their children,
but tell to the coming generation
the glorious deeds of the Lord, and his might,
and the wonders that he has done.

Psalm 78:4 ESV


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4 responses to “History Tree

  1. Kim Jenerette

    Always blessed reading your blog. You are inspiring Mel and I am thankful to know you.


    Uncle Kim

  2. It’s funny you should mention about knowing more about your grandparents. My two daughters were visiting us this weekend and my daughter Deborah gave me a book that allows me to write a lot of information about myself. Pray that I take the time to fill out that book so she can pass it on to her children and grandchildren. Have fun learning more about your grandparents. I know it will a blessing to them knowing that you wish to know more about their lives.

  3. Sheron Gibbs

    I have been humbled by your honesty. It is so challenging to me to search my life and know where I need changes.
    God is using you and your gift of writing to Bless others and I’m so grateful to learn from you.
    Love & prayers for you,
    Mrs. Gibbs

  4. Megan

    I had a chance to talk with Grandpa/Grandma Pinkerton and also Grandpa/Grandma McDaniel about 2 weeks ago *(have yet to get ahold of Grandpa Flint).. but as I was talking, I found myself talking more about what was new in my life as they asked me questions but come to realize, what I really want to be doing is to be talking about their past lives!! I’m glad to know what little I do but there’s so much more to learn, you’re right! Ooh and I like your list of questions you would want to know .. great questions!! Love you tons!!!!!!! XO, Megs:)

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