Today, May is here

Today I got to paint.

Today my sister, Megan, and Mom joined me. 🙂

Today, my “painting studio corner” in an unfinished section of the basement, became artistic.

If you hear a voice within you say ‘you cannot paint,’
then by all means paint,
and that voice will be silenced.
– Vincent Van Gogh






More to come…


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2 responses to “Today, May is here

  1. Looks like you had lots of fun today 🙂 Keep up the painting! Love you Melinda…..Liz

  2. Megan

    And that was so much fun!!! Thanks for letting me utilize your paints, a canvas board, and odds ‘n ends…. My work of art from today is now hanging on the wall in the bedroom so that I see it every morning/night:) The next time we’re together, we’ll totally have to paint again!! XOXO, Megs

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