Pride and Humility

“Oh, the things you used to complain about,” I tell myself as I rummage through a stack of folded clothes on my closet shelf trying to find a pair of cozy sweatpants. It was getting later in the evening and if I hadn’t already thought the rest of my day had been a frustrating one, I did even more so at that moment. The unexpected sick intestines always forces one to extreme humility. Learning humility is not a glorious experience. Yesterday was just one of those days.

My parents just returned Monday evening from their special anniversary trip. During their absence, I had an abundance of help, but also had times when I was alone. I thought I did pretty good for myself, considering everything. I even boasted, “I’m so proud of myself,” and would continue to tell why this was so.

Growing up, we sisters liked to watch the Kevin Sullivan televised movies, Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea. I am surprised those VHS tapes lasted (better still that my parents still have them!) One of my favorite characters is Mrs. Rachel Lynde–always in the gossips and people’s business, or as Marilla Cuthbert would say, “meddling in other’s affairs.” This would draw a sharp gasp from Mrs. Lynde as if she were offended by such an accusation, though it never took her long to get right back to her normal self– “You know I pride myself in speaking my mind.” In her eyes she was never at total fault for her disputes with Anne and offered sound guidance to any ear listening, which usually was Marilla. “You know what they say Marilla: ‘Pride goes before the fall;'” Anne had just left for Diana’s pre-wedding b0nfire party, thus leaving the two old friends in the kitchen. Marilla is at the stove retrieving the water kettle, back turned to Mrs. Lynde, she semi-rolls her eyes before turning around and patiently replies to her friend. An act of humbleness.

I don’t think yesterday was an example of a “Pride goes before the fall” moment, rather, I believe God used it to show me Jesus. You see, as I was fumbling around trying to change clothes and make myself cozy, Mom was on her hands and knees cleaning up in my bathroom, because I physically can’t myself; even my “help” at the end didn’t account too much. When crisis happens, I am not abandoned, but surrounded with helping hands. Yesterday, though not a glorious day, was my humble reminder.

But Jesus, even after showing His Love to His disciple’s by getting down on His hands and knees to wash their feet, was abandoned by all in His greatest time of need. Mocked, beaten, betrayed and death–it was then that his disciples, in confusion, thought they had been abandoned. Shocked and morning His death, they didn’t understand..not until later when the Truth appeared to them–Jesus was alive! The Easter story is not about abandonment but salvation–surrounded by Christ’s Love and held in the nail-scarred hands.

But may it never be that I would boast, except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, through which the world has been crucified to me, and I to the world. 

Galatians 6:14, NASB


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8 responses to “Pride and Humility

  1. marcie

    Our Lord is so patient, long-suffering, with us and that brings me to recognize the pride in me and ask for a good dose of humility! And, He graciously grants us what we need-that is the kind of God we have!
    i love you sweet girl!

    • mel

      I don’t think I have ever asked for a dose of humility. Maybe that is why it penetrates deeper when I receive one (gracefully.) 🙂

  2. Jane Thomas

    Oh Melinda! Have we ever talked about our mutual love for those precious movies? Every time Howard had to travel for work I would watch them! I knew every line you quoted! I wish we could get on our comfy clothes, make some tea, and watch them together this evening! Thank you for bringing a smile to my face today with those “Anne-girl” reminders and thank you for bringing gratitude to my heart for all that Jesus has done for us! Love and prayers for you today dear friend!

    • mel

      Dear Jane, We never discussed this! How fantastic. 🙂 I feel if we HAD known in CCU days, we would have received worse stares in class than when we were discussing Mr. Rogers, haha. I miss you friend!

  3. Aunt Tanis

    I love those “Anne” movies, too! I hope you are enjoying your time with Chip, and and today.

  4. Megan

    Amazing, isn’t it? That even in our weakest most vulernable moments when we want nothing more than to just hide in a hole away from our humility – Jesus Christ shines thru all the brighter…… and I totally had forgotten that quote: “You know what they say Marilla: ‘Pride goes before the fall” LOL ~ oh how I truly like those movies. Better than classic!! Epic!!!! XO, Megs

    • mel

      I decided my last MRI that I would watch one of these. Well, I figured the first set would make me giggle too hard–like when Anne falls in the hidden pit in the woods and Diana stands there screaming. haha. So I chose the other, but forgot about Anne falling face first in the mud chasing the jersey cow. 🙂 I need to pick out a sad drama next MRI. 😉

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