Just Thinking

I’ve slacked on my physical therapy exercises for my neck and upper arms. I used to spend the first half hour of my morning sitting on the edge of my bed performing the simple repetitions. I am not really sure if it necessarily “strengthened” my muscles, but it kept them active. I want to move for as long as I am enabled.

The brain is as much fascinating as mind-boggling. The communication between my brain and muscles is simply cut off by the tumors on the nerves. Numbness, weakness, atrophy, fatigue. It is days like today–major fatigue–where I feel the side-effects most. I can’t deny it, numbness and weakness is increasing in my hands and feet; Sometimes it is a workout just to keep my head in a proper upright position. It feels relieving just to let my bend down–if I am at a table, you will most likely find me holding my head up with my hands under my chin. So mush for proper manners. 🙂

This afternoon I was writing a few letters. For one, I sat thinking of an encouraging verse to share. Psalm 3:3 came to mind. “But you, O LORD, are a shield about me, my glory, and the lifter of my head.” In turn, God encouraged me: It was what I needed to hear, remember, and build strength upon. 


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5 responses to “Just Thinking

  1. Melinda, I have responded to a couple of your posts, 4/13 one, and a post a couple months back. However, with my lack of technological savvy, my responses did not ever send. Jean helped me yesterday with the simple suggestion to look for the instruction of responding above the post! Yea!!! Hope our response gets to you this time!

    You are such a terrific encourager to us and to many others, which we thank you for being. Thank you for allowing the Lord to use you in touching our lives and others’ lives through your blog. Jean is faithful to read the posts and to update me. We enjoy your transparency, the Scriptures you include, and the Goodreads section!

    Just a question from me: You are obviously a prolific reader and I want to know your advice to help me in becoming a better reader of books.

  2. My family is much more familiar with up to date technology devices. For instance, Jean loves her Nook to use for reading, as do most of our other kids with whatever named device they possess. I still read by holding the book or my Bible. However, with my joint and muscle problems/pain, it can be a challenge. What would you recommend as a device that can help me? Thanks.

    With All Our Love, Uncle Ed & Aunt Jean

    • mel

      Hi Uncle Ed, Aunt Jean and family,

      I am glad you got it figured out so that you can now read the pots better and more timely. I too am so out of the technology know-abouts…most of my knowledge is trial and error. haha. However, Dad helpedme pick out the Nook. I got the Nook HD (not HD+). The HD is just a step up from the simple Glowlight tablet. I would have just bought that one (just to use to read books), but the HD allows me to have connection with Wifi and Dad thought that would be useful (which it has been.) Plus I got the Skype app, so I have used that too. 🙂

      I had to ask a friend to help me with the setup for the Overdrive app for the public library. But now I can “borrow” books from there, like a regular check out from the library but more convenient. I like that aspect. I hope sometime when I see Uncle Rory gain we can discuss books and tablets. haha. He would be a great person to talk to about this and your needs.

      I bought a cover for my Nook, so it can stand on its own at the table. If I am just holding it, i don[t think it is heavy and I don’t have to worry about flopping my book around trying to turn a page. I still love paper books though. 😉

      I hope that helps a little. 🙂 Happy reading!

  3. Megan

    I love you so much sis!!!!!! ~ Megs

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