Little Joys!

Have you ever stopped for a moment to listen to the water as it drips out of the faucet? What about the sound your sheets make when you ruffle them as you make your bed in the morning? The sound your fork or spoon makes against the dish; the taps your fingers make on the keys when you type; the brushstrokes when you paint on a canvas; the click of your eye shadow case as you finish getting reading in the morning; or the sound of pages turning as you read a book? Little joys!

Yesterday I got my hearing aids fixed! ūüėÄ Funny is perception. It has only been a mere three weeks since they went from usable to unusable overnight. It seems much longer than that! The hearing aids currently are back to where I had them set before–I have them turned up all the way though, as we did not adjust any of the settings due to my last hearing¬†test being in February.¬†At that point in time, my¬†left ear had¬†gunky-dark fluid behind the ear drum and¬†I¬†received some¬†medicine to see if¬†that¬†would¬†clear out. I had my ears checked once and it seemed to be helping¬†slowly. It was not until after the spring break that the tinnitus¬†(insane ringing in both ears) became increasingly¬†loud.¬†So there¬†is much difference in my hearing since February.

Changing the levels now seemed¬†in wrong timing, because¬†I have my MRI/hearing test next Thursday the 23rd. My¬†regular doctor appointments are the following Thursday the 30th. As far as my hearing test goes, I am thinking my left ear has not improved any even if the gunky¬†fluid is out¬†from behind the ear drum. Even with my hearing aid in, I am not hearing much (though I placed it in first this morning and then shut the lid to the case and heard it clear as day…guess that is a good thing!) I do know, however, that I depend on my right ear/hearing aid the most. It used to be the opposite, but I can¬†tell already¬†that my hearing aids are helping…maybe n0t improving¬†my balance but I have not run into as many walls today as I round the corner–little joys!¬†And, after going three weeks with no hearing, I think I did¬†improve my lip-reading and¬†we started incorporating more sign¬†language at home.

My dad is sneaky. He¬†found this¬†website where you can look¬†up words you need and they give you¬†a¬†video¬†of the¬†sign.¬†Last weekend, we had company and at Sunday’s lunch we had the typical tuna sandwiches, chips and salsa, carrots and grapes and cookies for dessert. I see my dad pull out his phone¬†as the others at the table are in conversation. Not thinking anything of it, I return my attention back to lip-reading but sort of just sit in a daze. (I get bad at that. I stare like I am lip-reading but I am not paying attention at all in my mind! I need to work on staying focused!) Anyway, dad never waved for my attention or anything, he just moved his hands. I knew it was a sign, but since he did not mouth the word, I had no idea what it was. Instead of guessing or pointing aimlessly at the table, I just said, “I don’t know what that sign is.” It was grapes!!!

I should have remembered. I learned it in ASL I. Although dad was trying to be sneaky and not ruin the conversation at hand (I think I did ūüôā ), our table then erupted in sign–from discussion of ASL vs. ESL or SEE to guessing¬†the¬†word being signed¬†(as my dad passed on his phone to my sister who put the website and¬†my memory to good use!) Sometimes these conversations are awkward for me as I feel I should be the one to know all the signs (I don’t), but because our guests¬†both¬†had reference¬†and previous experience to sign language, we¬†were able to¬†work through and remember words with sign together.

During these past three weeks,¬†I now¬†have experienced both sides of the spectrum in terms of hearing and hearing loss.¬†Just the other day I read this quote. I think¬†it sums up my thoughts the best way possible:¬†“Heard melodies are sweet, but those unheard, are sweeter.”¬†~J0hn Keats.

I am happy to hear, thankful to hear, liking¬†to hear…and¬†I think it¬†is because¬†I had none–that¬†I appreciate it more!¬†Little J0ys!!

PS. This s0ng came to mind this morning:

Carolyn Arends, “I Can Hear You”

Leaky faucet dripping in the kitchen
Rubber squealing — watch out in the alley
Mr. Marley’s probably late for work again.
Birdie singing — telling me to get up
Such a soothing sound floating on the wind
I just keep listening

Funny how You speak to me
In such mysterious ways

I can hear You
I can hear You
It’s so amazing how Your voice keeps breaking through
I can hear You

There’s a church bell ringing out the hour
Like an old friend calling through my window
With the laughter of the children playing down below
You’ve got a way of getting my attention
In the rhythm of life, everywhere I go
Somehow You let me know

If I’ll only stop to listen
You’re in everything

I can hear You
I can hear You
I can hear You
I can hear You

Music video:


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9 responses to “Little Joys!

  1. Hope everything will go accordingly as plan…Mel!!! Strong girl.

  2. negin

    ÔĀä) my favorite composers are Shubert, Bach and for sure Beethoven ,ÔĀä)
    You know, but I really don‚Äôt enjoy very much the era of medieval and I think the period of baroque of classical music has some touches like that, so I like the romance era more ÔĀä)‚Ķyou know I prefer a performance in the nature and sound of people and laughter and love and dance, you know what I suffer from is that classical peaces are mostly played in huge and old building, churches, places like Collosseo and so ooon!!!i don‚Äôt know if I could make u get what I say or not
    I prefer to have concert WITH PEOPLE you know, owwwww, forgot to say!
    I would like to have a concert for cancer society! ÔĀä) Meell, that‚Äôs one of my great wishesÔĀä)
    You know one of my loved one passed away through cancer (my maestro)!! I loved him so much, that was a disaster,
    Not to make you sad, ( may he rest in peace ‚ô•‚ô•)
    Mell, I wish we could work together and record a piece with violin and piano, it would be great,
    May everything get OK again ÔĀĆ( I will keep you in my prayers for sure,

    • mel

      I think it is great that you like to perform for people in a more lively experience. I often think of that as if ballroom dancing like they did in the old days. ūüôā I always got so nervous performing. I don’t play the piano anymore though. My hands are not even able to stretch an octave. I do miss playing but am thankful I can still hear cd’s if very loud. Violins are a bit more tricky…they are the tone range that I have no hearing, but I can pick up a bit of it here and there. The Bach cd I have plays a lot of cello and I can hear that. ūüôā

      I think you should pursue your dream of a concert for raising for the benefit of the cancer society. I am sorry for your loss, but it sounds like music is your passion and you want to share it with others. I think that is great. ūüėÄ

  3. negin

    Mell, are you OK?
    I have got worried as you have not written anything these days!
    take care sweety,

    • mel

      Thanks for your concern; I am fine. I am not always at my computer. It has been such lovely weather, I have spent much of my time outside or reading or painting. I don’t answer messages promptly most often. Sorry for confusion.

  4. negin

    I always get so much positive energy from your words.
    thanks for your being in my life!
    I do love you imaginary sister!

  5. Megan

    Cutzie Daddy ~ I’ll have to get that website from him so I can have actual video tutorials on how to do signs… struggle is knowing if I’m doing things right from the way books illustrate how to do signing.

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