My first art class!!

In the basement, we have a room that is peach-colored. It is both the guest bedroom and what we term…”the craft room.” It is where we do our projects of all sorts and be creative. I was working at the sewing machine last week and noticed a picture frame sitting propped against the wall in the corner. The picture is a quote that reads, “The ‘earth’ without ‘art’ is just ‘eh.'” As I continued to try not to sew the back of my shirt to the front, I thought, “How true.”

Just think of the earth…how even now with green grass emerging and soon to be blossoms and flowers…what lovely artwork. If earth were just a painting, then God truly is the master-painter.

I am so thankful for art–creativity.

Friday evening, I attended my friend’s birthday party. What a unique and enjoyable birthday celebration! I think I might just steal the idea and have a party like this for my own birthday next year–that might be too far ahead–maybe I will just plan a tea party and then host the painting party then.

Yep, you read that right! A painting party! We paid our fee and then all the supplies were provided. The lady (who knew my friend as a personal friend) was also an artist and she “taught” a little art class. We–I say, “we” because it was a whole new experience of technique for me that I felt as if I had never painted before!–all painted our own canvases in the techniques she showed us…and I think each painting reflected the artist! In art there is no limits on creativity. Best part is, there is always room for improvement! 😀

Here is my painting:


Like I stated before, my night was about learning the techniques–the “how-to’s”–of mixed media. I have already used book pages, buttons, and other add-on fixtures to my paintings before but I learned even more about using the paints (and saving paint!)

For the background, I chose to do a one color theme but we also had the choice to paint with several colors. We used old gift cards or rewards cards that she had there (like the credit card style of card.) You put down the paint in small quantities and then use the card to smear the paint. This makes it smooth and if you don’t want to paint the sides then it helps keep that clean too. Genius! When I got home, I went through my wallet to see if I had any cards I could possibly use. Lucky me, I found two.

Then we used bubble wrap (who would have known?) and you put the paint on the side where the bubbles are and smear it. I learned that less is more. Too much paint makes big blotches. We added the dictionary script with mod podge and then I added a few more bubble wrap lines in the darker purple and a bit of extra effect around the edges using the “sea-foam green.”

I also discovered that my fabric was thick and one should always use fabric scissors, which I did not know we had until I had finished cutting shredding mine. But, I think it still turned out well, thanks to the idea from the lady who suggested adding greens to my vase and I went ahead and outlined the vase as well. This is my biggest area of improvement for next time. Skinnier fabric, bigger vase.

The flowers were the best part. We were told to always start with white on the bottom first, then add the color. Swirl, swirl, swirl. I added some yellow dots on my flowers; other ladies added different types of leaves or had multi-colored flowers. All painted in their own way.

Pablo Picasso said, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” I think we just might have solved that problem Friday night. 🙂


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5 responses to “My first art class!!

  1. Sheri Tearpak

    Sounds like great fun!

  2. Esther Morford

    I like your painting.

  3. Aunt Tanis


  4. Negin

    Dearest friend!
    i must say I’m proud of u! u are a real angle, I’m not sure i would be able to continue if i were u. u know there a famous term in our language that says those who are nearer (to god) suffer more. be strong sweetY and I’m sure u are. u know i lost my loved one since January, and everything was so dark and unbelievable for me. now i think u are an angle sent to me from the god to remind me: HEY STOP NAGGING! JUST SEE HOW MUCH MORE U HAVE THAN WHAT U REALLY DESERVE!
    dear friend, I’m not christian, but i will pray for u,
    i do know u will overcome everything with this soul of ETERNITY and LOVE and STRENGTH and POWER that u have,
    my dear seweetY just know u are not alone, all of us have different problems and we have to deal with them in some ways,
    will pray for both of us sweetY,
    lots of love
    May we see each other one daY!
    ( a girl from the middle east!)
    email me whenever whatever u wanna and make me happy,

  5. Megan

    What a great idea to have a painting class where people can come and learn new techniques!! I’ve heard of an actual business that does something similar to this in Colorado Springs and I thought it would be so much fun to open a family friendly painting class shop of my own some day!! Almost like what Melissa does with flowers only it could be do-it-yourself painting!!

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