Ten o’clock news.

Good evening.

Just wanted to tell you about some exciting milestones that happened today!

I was working on pictures this morning and ended up sitting on the floor, as my albums are on the bottom of the bookshelf. If I sit on the floor, I usually place my right leg turned in and my left leg stretched out. Not today! I suddenly realized that I was sitting with both legs crossed. No funny pinching, no Charlie horse cramps in the left thigh–just me sitting with my legs crossed. 😀 I have not been able to do that in over a year! 😀 Milestone #1.

Ok, so this might not be the biggest milestone (has nothing to do with my health other than utilizing upper arm strength)…but Milestone $2: I rearranged my closet shelves!!! 😀 I just think it is great! I feel it is more organized and a better use of the limited shelving. 🙂 Just a fun check mark off my “things that don’t really need to be done, but are starting to bug me” list. Always a satisfying feeling.

And (drum roll, please)…tonight was my last Lovenox blood thinner shot!!!! 😀 Yay!!! After the blood check this morning I told my mom, “If tonight is my last one, I know exactly how to celebrate!” Any guesses?? I am going to sleep in tomorrow morning!!! Ah! Such a way to celebrate! No setting the alarm to get a morning shot. However, I have a feeling I will still be awake, because my body is now used to being up at that time–bummer, but at least I now I have the option to still stay in bed. 😉 Thus, Milestone #3: I have officially transferred from the blood thinner shots to the pills.

That, my friends, concludes a great day!

More to come…


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6 responses to “Ten o’clock news.

  1. Sheri Tearpak

    Great news- loved reading about all three milestones especially no more bruised tummy for you and getting to sleep in. Wanna come do MY closet now? 🙂

    • mel

      HAHA. 🙂 It does give me a bigger appreciation for those tv shows where they redo rooms and closets. Of course I did mine without spending money for new decore (only a needed laundry basket). Still, it took time to think and rethink and move around. 😀 But the end felt so great! I don’t have any tips otherwise for redoing your closet other than it feels great…LOL. I would love to help redo your closet–but I might just have to be the “cheer from afar” help. 😀

  2. estherbentonmorford

    Congratulations on your milestones today. You should sleep really well tonight.

  3. Lois

    Milestones…. love ’em. Delighted to hear of your THREE! No more shots! That one could just stand alone, and to think you had two more in one day. Hugs to you, Melinda. Enjoy your Thursday.

    • mel

      Thanks Aunt Lois! Too bad the regular news channels don’t celebrate more fun milestones in the simple things in life. hmmm, maybe I should become a reporter. LOL Love to you!

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