Three-Day Weekend

Hello everyone!

I wanted to share with you some exciting and random news about my three-day weekend! Thursday evening I painted three boards all sized 12 by 12 for the Yellow Springs’ Village Artisans–Dare 2B Square–event taking place the whole month of October. Here is how it works: All artists paint (or whatever media they choose) on 12 by 12 sized boards. All the boards are hung at the Village Artisans location for the month of October. 🙂 They are for display and for sale. If you are in the area and would like to see Yellow Springs and the Village Artisans displays (really amazing artwork from local artists) here is their website. It is a really neat place. Yellow Springs is very artsy. If that is a word. 🙂

I submitted my work to Yellow Springs on Friday and came home to continue finishing two more paintings for the coffee shop, Beans and Cream, located in Cedarville. My paintings will be on display and for sale the month of October there as well. If you came to the Art on the Lawn on August 10th, you will notice much of the same paintings. I had hoped to get a few more new paintings in place, but time/energy did not permit. I am very thankful for Beans and Cream (and Village Artisans) for giving me the opportunity to submit my paintings for the entire month. I find that an exciting opportunity!! If you are interested in viewing my paintings at Beans and Cream, here is their website:

Speaking of coffee shops, my dad and I celebrated National Coffee Day (yesterday) for some coffee/pastries/chat sort of morning. It was a great time! What? You don’t believe me when I say National Coffee Day?? 🙂 Coffee lovers: it is true! A holiday devoted to the love of coffee. 🙂 Still don’t believe me? Just google “National Coffee Day.” Be amazed. I thought it was so cool, plus I wanted to hang out with my dad so that is what we did!

We also got a chance to have a picnic dinner with my mom and sister that evening. We went to a state park nearby and enjoyed the beauty of the fresh fall colors! There is still a lot of green on the trees, so the peak is yet to come!! 🙂 And today, was a bit of relaxing and getting things done. What a beautiful day it was though! Can you believe the month of October is already here?? Wow! I look forward to October…

More to come!

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