Weekly forecast.

Here was a quick recap of my week: coffee, work, paint, sleep (repeat). There were also some fun family events.

Friday: I had been talking about this day for weeks. I had my outfit set out in advance, just for this special event. Even a few people at work knew about my plans. But convincing my family to join me was another story. Shortly after “Uncle Kim” decided to join us, we were all on our way to a great dinner. It was wholesome fun, provided well needed laughs and the best food.

Yes siree, Friday was none other than Cow Appreciation Day, hosted by Chic Fil A. We were supposed to “moo” in this picture, but I did not hear that part–hence my smile. Of course, Dad went as Farmer Brown. At least the people found great humor in it. 🙂

Why dress like cows? Answer:

It was totally worth it!!

 As we were getting ready to leave, the cow mascot came out to meet kids.

I had to chase him down for this picture. 🙂

High five!!! If you missed it, don’t worry. It is an annual event. 🙂

Topped off the week with a spontaneous family event. We attended the musical called Seussical, based on Dr. Seuss’ works. What a show! I honestly could not hear much of anything (words) but I could catch a few phrases, like when Horton is looking for the speck in the field of flowers…he lifted up a flower and said, “Are you there?” Then would put it to his ear. LOL. Best part overall was watching their facial expressions and seeing their costumes. Really good show, dinner (they even had green eggs and ham!) and being with my family.

This weeks forecast looks back to normal: coffee, work, paint, sleep (repeat). Enjoy your week weather rain or shine!


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4 responses to “Weekly forecast.

  1. A.B.

    So cute Mel! I love the ear tags!!

    • mel

      Thank you!!! 😀 While everyone was dressed as a cow, we were the only ones with tags. 😀 Mine was the date…0713. Cool huh!?!

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