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Today’s events.

This morning I went to the dentist. It is always an interesting experience probably for both me and the dentist. To have someone explain why one half of their mouth is numb but not the other might seem strange, but it is even stranger to be the one to feel it. The good news is that I had no cavities and he showed me a new way to brush my gums on the left side of my mouth where the numbness is. I tend to brush them harder since I cannot feel them and that is not a good thing. I left with happy teeth and a new toothbrush. 😀

Please keep my family and I in your prayers tonight as we travel down to Cincinnati. My stomach problems due to the lack of bowel movements has become a point of concern. Yesterday I felt like a balloon. No amount of fiber (or prunes) or Colace is seeming to work, which is why the doctors want an MRI tonight and most likely an overnight stay in the ER to figure this out. The problem has been happening off and on for a month now, but it is getting worse, so it is time to see if the scans will show anything.

Thank you for your prayers at this time.


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