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My Latest Days

Oxymoron: (from the Greek),

an expression with contradictory words: a phrase in which two words of contradictory meaning are used together for special effect

(Bing Dictionary)

“Are you ready to sleep in and enjoy your first day of Spring break tomorrow?” It’s Friday night and we are driving home from a spur of the moment decision a few hours earlier to go out to eat as a family and attend a Nicole Noredeman concert. The fast food dinner, Piada: Italian Street Food, was a new experience and a most tasty one! My main reason for going out that evening was simply dinner with family; I had initial thoughts of not going, but quickly resolved that I could read a few chapters in my book when the others enjoyed the concert session. The concert being at a church, I sat reading in the foyer and got to text my sister, Megan, as well. An evening satisfactory to all.

My question on the drive home was at a red light; there was enough street lights glowing for me to lip read. Marcia slightly nods but adds, “I think I would rather have a full day of doing nothing than sleeping in all day.” I nod in agreement, but as the fullness of her sentence replays in my brain, I couldn’t help but burst out laughing! “Do you realize that what you just said is a huge oxymoron!!” I continue to rant in laughter about this sentence and we discuss it for a few more minutes until it is dark again. The rest of the drive home, I sit in silence.

“A full day of doing nothing.” Right now, my days sometimes feel like this. It is not that I am actually “doing nothing” all day–more what I am doing is nothing planned on my agenda. I am notorious for daily to do lists…there are days when I see great progress and check marks on the sheet of paper; other days, I simply cross off the current ‘day” and set the next in hopes to complete the projects then. I don’t think it is necessarily bad to make lists (I would forget important events/dates/details otherwise), but it has also taken me a few years to learn to become flexible. I am still learning to be flexible. And so, my latest days have been filled with being flexible and “doing nothing” on my to do lists.

Take today for example. I was hoping to get up early and have my usual breakfast with coffee/readings. My list entitled doing the dishes and getting my laundry done; making a phone call to my grandparents; finishing a painting; writing a blog post (different one than this); and finishing a book. Actual day included rising early–nothing like a Charlie horse cramp in your right leg for an alarm clock–and falling out of bed, because I had put my right foot forward in attempts to get to the bathroom. You hear people talk of starting your day by getting out on “the right side of bed” (figurative); since I already have that part complete (literally), I say, “Start your day with your best foot forward.” Obviously for me, it is my left foot.

I contemplated getting ready for the day and having my coffee time early. Instead, I crawled back in bed figuring I can read a little; if I fall asleep, I assumed that I would wake in an hour or so and be back on my feet around 9am, as that is pretty typical. I end up waking four hours later..bummed that I had wasted my morning hours, I get brunch and coffee anyway. I get ready for the day, type a few emails and run some errands in town with Mom in the mid-afternoon. When we returned, I had about an hour before I was to have a Skype session and so I started my laundry.

My Skype chat was to be with a group of girls from the University of Cincinnati DAAP about my artwork. A social worker from Children’s Hospital–who was the first person to initiate my paintings as part of an art viewing when I first moved here-had given my name and contact to this group, “Art for Survivors,” led by Jenny Ustick. Since I cannot make the actual class in physical presence, Jenny suggested Skype.  I brought up some paintings from the basement to show and ask my questions. My session was set with three students of Jenny, who were familiar with my painting styles through my blog. It was a great conversation! I asked my questions on how to thicken my paint for texture, abstract ideas, different brush sizes for different techniques, and pricing artwork. They gave me some suggestions for new abstract techniques and will gather some painting medium information for me as well. Towards the end, art shows were mentioned and I was invited to take part in their art viewing in April.

Suddenly, my “full day of doing nothing” turned into an evening of full possibilities! I am ready to restart my paintings–growing and learning in the process; living in flexibility. “Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men.” Colossians 3:23


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Weekend Projects


My painting table starts off with one painting.


I have left over paint.

I grab another white canvas from the shelf.

Another painting to the table.


Ideas emerge.

Creativity enlightens.

Another canvas is added to the table.

Paint starts to dry.


Details take the completing stages.

As the glue dries, the paintings are nearing the end of another artistic session.


My painting table is now empty.

It is ready for a new weekend.

A new white canvas full of possibilities.


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More Paintings

Hi everyone!

I just finished posting more paintings to my Etsy shop. Below is the link. 🙂


More to come…


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Happy Autumn

And even when the trees have just surrendered
To the harvest time
Forfeiting their leaves in late September
And sending us inside
Still I notice You when change begins
And I am braced for colder winds
I will offer thanks for what has been and was to come
You are autumn

~Nicole Nordeman, “Every Season”




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Freshly Painted

I finished a very random, colorful, spunky (not my style usually) sort of painting. It was messy (literally, my hands were caked with paint). Want to know the secret to this fun texture? I used toilet paper rolls for the big circles and bubble wrap for the smaller circles. Thank you Pinterest for the toilet paper roll idea and the birthday party art class for the bubble wrap idea. It was one of those paintings in which I had no set goal in mind as far as placement of colors or circles. Purely spontaneous. I thought it deserved a title, so I set out to make one.

DSCN1811 8×10

I am really bad with titles. I even struggle with titles for my blog most often. This painting was no exception. My initial thought was “Candy buttons.” Have you ever tried those candies? Little clumps of sugar on paper:


You lick the back of the paper until the droplet falls off. It is like mastering an art really–too much saliva and you get a soggy paper mess that stains your hands; and too little saliva means you eat the paper and it does not taste good. I remember first being introduced to Candy Buttons when I was in the fourth grade. We were on a family vacation and stopped into a huge candy store in Chicago. I thought they were the coolest thing! I did not see them again until I was a college graduate shopping at Hobby Lobby for painting supplies.

“Oh wow! Candy Buttons!!!” I remember being so excited that I bought a few bags. Spontaneous. Then I bought more with the purpose of sharing my candy joy with the kids at the after-school street church I volunteered for on Thursday evenings. As I demonstrated the process of how to eat them, I was a bit timid about how the kids would react. Their faces were priceless. So eager to try this new candy. We rationed out all the Candy Buttons within minutes.


Something about this painting also reminds me of cotton candy ice cream (which is one of my favorites, probably because I can actually taste the flavor.) Almost all other flavors, besides chocolate, taste like vanilla to me. That gets bland. Cotton candy ice cream has a taste of its own. It is unique. And it leaves your tongue blue.

cotton candy exhibit b

I think this painting creates a fun theme, but felt stuck in the “candy box” of boring titles. I thought of all these bright-colored and fruity flavored candies coming together: Skittles, Nerds, Starbursts, Gummie Bears (plus the Candy Buttons and cotton candy flavor) and my title said what I was thinking: Candy Fusion. 🙂

Not all my canvases get titles, but it is an interesting process when they do get titles. I am finding that abstract art often does not need a title. Maybe that is me being too practical. “It is not a painting of anything,” I often say; “Anything” meaning concrete form. And yet, how is it that art at museums have the best fitting titles on abstract pieces that leave you looking deeper into the canvas in search of how the title was formed? It is as if the title should grasp in one profound statement, the essence of the work and still leave a window of opportunity for the mind to expand upon. I don’t think like this. I find that I sit stumped…at a loss for being able to group words together.

And yet other times, the title is what inspires the painting:

DSCN1774Fire and Ice (16×20)

Then there are those that I just leave as No Title:

DSCN1791 8×10

DSCN1804 11×14

DSCN1779 16×20

I am currently working on my smaller canvases for the month of June’s display at Beans-n-Cream. But I also have big ideas forming in my mind for my BIG canvases!! I am excited and can’t wait to get started on a few of those as well. In brainstorming, I realized that I need to branch out by creating or trying new abstract techniques. It is a challenge; I think that is why as silly as Candy Fusion may seem…it was different and I enjoyed trying something new.

I entered an “art moment in thought” while at my grandparent’s house. It caused me to stop and really question my motive for painting. When I first started painting, I painted gifts. Gift giving is my passion; it brings me sincere joy and my beginning paintings reflected this. I think over the past year, I have lost sight of that until now. I may not be painting with a specific person in mind, but I get to share my paintings with you here on my blog; to those who dine at Beans-n-Cream or the art show in Yellow Springs. I looked at the painting I did for my grandparents and I resolved that I can still paint like that–with thoughts of gift giving and joy. I was given a gift…to paint…and share my story. That brings me sincere joy. And that is why I will keep painting. 🙂

More to come…


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