In Dying, We Live!


(I wrote this in advance, knowing this day was coming, yet wanted the final post to be from me.)

Dear Family and Friends,

When the first comments about starting my own blog were mentioned, I did not think much more about the subject–until the comments continued to happen from both friends back home in Colorado and new acquaintances here that were just learning of my story. “You should start a blog,” was most common to hear; only once did I hear it in the form of a question. I never knew how to respond. For starters, I did not know how to manage my own web page or even what I would write about, other than the health update entries for extended family and friends. My beginning days of writing viewed posts as more entertainment…but as my health started to change, so did my writings. I entered a new door in the social world through my blog—sharing my journey in the joys and pains was now so much more meaningful. It became my spiritual journal.

Ecclesiastes 3:1-2a reads, “For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven: a time to be born, and a time to die.” My journey here on Earth is complete. As you read this, your hearts may be saddened, angry or full of questions because I am no longer here with you. In your grieving, remember that in dying, I now live—freely and for all eternity. It is my prayer that you will come to know the same peace that God showed me, again and again, during the most painful times…times of chaos, confusion, and frustration. In the Gospel of John, Jesus tells His disciples, “I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world,” (16:33).

Anytime in my journey when more changes occurred and I had to face new challenges, I would sometimes sit and reflect on what God had done—His timing perfect for every need, protection, preparing me for the next step. The latter part was not always easy and it took me years from the first diagnosis to finally surrender everything. It was then that peace found a home in my heart…it was a source of strength when I was weary and a light of hope when all seemed lost. I did not ask to live a life with a terminal, rare disease. But I could never imagine living a full life without it.

Life is a gift. In my sufferings and darkest moments, there were times when I thought about Jesus…suffering and dying for my sins, your sins, the sin of the world.  “I don’t know how He did it,” I told Mom through heavy sobs. We just sat in silence for a minute. But Jesus said to take heart…because He did not remain in death, but overcame it. He Lives! And it is the gift of Salvation that in suffering and dying, we live.

My dear family and friends…Thank you for walking alongside me during my journey. Your encouragement brightened my days and your prayers were daily answered. I want to encourage you now, as you continue your journey…remember to take heart and look to Jesus. “He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away.” Revelation 21:4

Love, Mel


Melinda Sue “Mel” Pinkerton 

March 8, 1988 – April 7, 2016 (Age 28)

Melinda S. Pinkerton died peacefully at Pristine Post-Acute Care in Jamestown, Ohio, on Thursday, April 7th, at 10:17 P.M. under the care of hospice.  Melinda was surrounded in her final moments by her three sisters and her parents, and we take comfort that she knew all of her family was with her in the end.  She had been diagnosed 14 years prior with Neurofibromatosis Type 2 (NF2), a disease for which there is currently no cure.  In spite of her extensive physical struggles and many brain and spinal cord tumors, Melinda chose to live her life with purposeful intention.  She filled her days with faith, friends, and fun.

Melinda was born on March 8, 1988 in Voorhees, New Jersey, to Cory and Bonnie McDaniel and two excited older sisters. Cory’s death preceded Melinda’s birth. Even as a child, Melinda was helpful and sweet and was always thinking of others. She could often be found in the kitchen helping her mom.  Melinda had a love of music which started at a young age.  Melinda played flute, piccolo, piano, and bass guitar.  Later, as she lost her hearing due to her tumors, she expressed her love of music through sign language or by quoting lyrics to encourage herself and others.

In high school, Melinda was very involved in her church youth group and loved attending summer camps and mission trips. Melinda always struggled physically, but this did not stop her from being on the high school cross-country team. During her freshman year of high school, Melinda was diagnosed with NF2. Amazingly, Melinda continued to keep up with all of her school work and friends in spite of repeated rounds of radiation and extended stays at the Children’s Hospital in Denver.

Upon graduating from Monte Vista Senior High School, Colorado, in 2006, Melinda attended Colorado Christian University, Lakewood, Colorado. She has always referenced her years spent in Denver as “the best years of her life.” She majored in Business Administration, graduating a semester early while simultaneously receiving chemotherapy. What got her through hard and sick days was her unshakable faith in God, an incredible support system of friends, and the kids at “The Third Story,” an inner city ministry of Westside Church for underprivileged youth.  One of Melinda’s dreams was to travel, but her constant treatments and health conditions made this difficult. She did fulfill a lifelong dream in 2010 when she was finally able to travel oversees and experience Greece.

Summer of 2011, Melinda moved with her parents from Colorado to Cedarville, Ohio. Melinda loved being closer geographically to a lot of her extended family. Melinda enjoyed many things about Ohio, however, she refused to assimilate to Ohio football culture, clinging determinedly to her ever-favorite team the Denver Broncos!  Melinda’s favorite store was Target, and she worked there both in Denver and Beavercreek to support her love of fashion, coffee, and books. Shortly following the move, Melinda went fully deaf. As a way to cope especially with the loss of music, Melinda turned to painting as a creative outlet.  She participated in local art shows, and loved giving away her paintings to friends and family as gifts.  Also during this time, Melinda started a blog to share her journey and faith.  This can be found at

Eleven months prior to her death, Melinda’s health took an extreme turn which made it necessary for her to be moved to a nursing home.  She was no longer able to walk due to her tumors, and she also lost her vision shortly after moving into the home.  In spite of being wheelchair-bound, completely deaf, and fully blind, Melinda continued to paint, blog, and write letters.  She dictated all of her messages, and a unique communication system was devised to allow her to keep in touch.  Melinda loved entertaining visitors in her room and looked forward to daily visits from friends and family, especially her mom.  Although Melinda sat in constant silence and darkness, she used her time to pray for those she loved, meditate on God’s word, and compose new letters, blog posts, and artwork in her mind.  Many of her last art pieces were completed while totally blind.  With the help of her aides, friends, and family, she was able to continue doing these special hobbies that she loved.  She never lost her sense of humor.  Even in the hours prior to her death, Melinda continued to think about others and make those in the room smile and laugh.  Selflessly, Melinda donated her tumors to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital to help further research to find a cure for others with NF2.

Melinda was preceded in death by her biological father, Cory Ian McDaniel, who passed away in 1987 from the same disease, NF2.  She is survived by her loving mother Bonnie Sue Pinkerton, her devoted adoptive father Mark David Pinkerton, and her three sisters Melissa (David) Nickerson, Megan (Garrett) Slifer, and Marcia Pinkerton.  She was a proud and adoring aunt to her young nephew, Landon Nickerson.  She is also survived by all of her grandparents, Robert “Bob” and Mildred “Milly” McDaniel (paternal), Alton and Marilyn Flint (maternal), and Alfred and Lois Pinkerton (adoptive).  Melinda also has a large extended family, all of whom she loved very dearly. Finally, Melinda leaves behind her loyal black cat “Muffy” who she had and loved for 12 years.

A celebratory memorial service will be held on Saturday, April 23rd, at 3:00 P.M. at Grace Baptist Church in Cedarville, Ohio.  Visitation will take place from 1:30 p.m. to 2:45 p.m.  A private graveside service will be held at Massies Creek Cemetery before the memorial.  In lieu of flowers, Melinda requested that all donations and charitable gifts be split evenly between “The Children’s Tumor Foundation” and “The Third Story.”  Donations will be handled by Powers-Kell Funeral Home in Jamestown, Ohio, at

As Melinda would say, “And that’s my story!”


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21 responses to “In Dying, We Live!

  1. Julie smith

    Rest in peace…your journeys end has come! Prayers for those that are missing you and your inspiration!❤️💕👼

  2. Rebecca Baker

    What an awe-inspiring tribute to Melinda’s love for family, friends, life, fun, art and her Savior. To Bonnie, Mark, Melissa, Megan, Marcia, and the rest of the family, my heartfelt sympathy and hope for comfort, peace and joy in the beautiful gift of Melinda’s life.

  3. christi Ramsay Rowe

    Peace. …what a Blessing. Your words were. For me.

  4. Wayne and Melody Wittner

    How blessed heaven is as Melinda runs through the flowers chasing butterflies. We will miss you precious child. Rest in the arms of Jesus.

  5. Roger & Darlene Thompson & family

    Sending prayers for all of Melinda’s family and friends. We praise God for her strong faith and beautiful testimony.

  6. Melinda, you ran your race well, kept the faith, and finished strong. Until we meet again!

    • Karen Tucker

      That was so precious! I am very thankful for this special young lady who so creatively used her life for the glory of God. And I am one of those whose life was touched by her.

  7. What an honor to have met and visited with Melinda for a time here below. Her life journey is a masterpiece so inspiring, unique and rare. Her Creator must be thrilled to have her in his everlasting arms of love. In her weakness Jesus made her strong, there is no doubt about it. May God shape us in such a lovely manner, in the midst of trials, a gem of incomprehensible worth was formed. May close ones be comforted by the One who comforted her.

  8. A.B.

    Thank you Mel. Your sweetness and light will linger on in all of our hearts. Love you…

  9. Xavier Magdaleno

    Mark, Bonnie and family,
    My deepest condolences for your loss. I am grateful for Melinda’s faith in God and her strength in her faith, and knowing that she is safe and now rejoicing with our Lord and Father in heaven. Praying for blessings for you and yours.

  10. Liz Garthly

    My sweet Melinda…you are missed. I’m so thankful that I got a chance to know you and was able to receive your blogs, they were such an inspiration to all of us who read them. I’m happy that you are now free from all the limitations you had. That you can see, hear and walk or run. May your dear family be blessed by all the memories you have left with them and may they be blessed with God’s precious peace.

  11. Please accept our deepest condolences for your loss. May God bless you all with a beautiful peace of knowing she is with him.

  12. John and Judy

    We haven’t met any of your family, but because we are Grace members, we have been made aware of your family journey and Melinda’s sweet testimony. We have been praying for your family for many months. May your hearts be comforted in the Savior’s love and grace!!

    Melinda has left a lasting legacy and we know all of you are an important part of her legacy!!

    In Christ,
    John & Judy Bigelow

  13. Paul & Diane Cope

    Mel, sweet Mel. What a sweet inspiration you were to us and others at Beans. We would stop and chat at your table many times….what an inspiration to us all to never give up, never give in and always, ALWAYS trust in a God who’s perfect plan for us in to bring Him glory! And THAT is what your life did…My heart longs to see you happy and whole and…some day I will! Heartfelt hugs to your whole family. We will miss you!

  14. Paul & Diane Cope

    Mel, sweet Mel. You were such an inspiration to all of us at Beans. Many times we chatted at your table! You have given us a real example of determination! God gives grace and you will be a reminder always of that grace. A heartfelt hug to all of your family …..we will see you someday happy and whole!

  15. What a testimony!!!
    Blessings to many!!!
    We all need to call on God’s holy power when we’re in our deepest need and in our saddest hour.
    God is never distant. He sheds a tear with you, He knows the pain your feeling and what you’re going through when you place your hope in His undying love, you will know His peace like a mighty rushing flood.
    I pray for Mel parents, relatives and friends that they feel His caring presence every day.

  16. Melinda, you continue to give hope to other NF2 sufferers and their loved ones. You touched a chord.

  17. I wish I had somehow met you Mel, even briefly. God can communicate in ways we can’t imagine.

  18. Jordan

    Blessed to have known you through street church. You were a great leader to myself and other girls In our groups. Your very inspirational to me and I’m glad that I’ve been able to know you. Your forever in my heart! 💖

  19. J Calhoun

    Greetings. This was good so far to read. I would like to read her writings earlier in her disease life process. I just found out last week that my three kids and their fifty or so cousins might have NF2 . The Deboers family kept it a secret and married off eight kids to have kids with no warning or treatment plan. So my kids are just becoming young adults. Thank God and Melinda for standing tall in faith and honesty for it can help us and others. The more you know the further you go. And in Godly faith life for me is best. Her message will help me to deal with what I will face reaching out to this huge extended family to bring a plan of living and dying in the passage of nature in God’s time. They can test apparently females egg to help not pass it in maybe so I will study that. Butbfirstbwe must have all tested. Thanks for the message
    Is there a national registry. People should know before they have kids if possible for my future caring for them is not what was expected. They do in uk I read. What is the best USA group to work with?

  20. Crissy

    Thank you for continuing to share Melinda’s testimony. I never met her but, knowing someone with NF2 it is encouraging to me.

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