Blue Sky and Thinking…

I woke this morning, right as the sky was pale blue with soft yellow clouds. Opening my shades, I lay back down and thought of the new day…how the night before was so much physical pain that I could not even stand myself from the table after finishing my bedtime tea. Now, here a new dawn and I had been getting out of bed like normal, even though nothing had really changed in my body—except renewed energy from hours of sleep.

I dozed for another hour, waking to a sky colored magnificent cobalt blue. And I could not help but marvel at the beauty, because normally it is overcast with grey. I started thinking again…about color and my color blindness still taking place. I restarted painting this week, the lack of color distinction is frustrating. Tonight, I could not tell the difference in my abstract between the purple and the red. I had finished a request canvas and had lots of left-over paint. “I’ll just do a Valentine looking one,” I tell Mom. I titled it, “Love is Blind,” because that color blindness of red and purple hues is how it made me feel. Next painting, I don’t use similar colors; I’ll go bold.

So when I saw the morning sky,  a song came to mind: The  Color Green by Rich Mullins. I cannot describe really how this song fits so perfectly in what I have been thinking about these past few days. Sometimes I get so tired of having to think of my battles, yet they never leave me. But this song, so focused on the Mighty Hand of God, helps guide me past seeing my feeble hands and all other woes to my body. I obviously was not thinking of the song when painting, but it came back to mind when we climbed back up the stairs to the last of sunny day.

It may not glitter Green outside these Winter days, but I see Green as Life. And in all things—even seeing grey–that is worthy of my praise.

The Color Green music video


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2 responses to “Blue Sky and Thinking…

  1. Sheryl Tearpak

    Thanks for sharing! Love you, Melinda.

  2. Dustin Hughes

    Yours is the only blog I regularly read and for good reason. The messages direct me to focus on Who really matters and the incredible details with which he paints our world. Thanks Mel!!!

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