With These Hands, Part 2

“Hey, Marcia,” I say with an excited expression on my face. Having her attention, I then blurt out my newest holiday cheer idea: “Want to build Gingerbread houses?”

Candy shopping, invite a few friends and build a house. Tastefully creative. And we did just that–






I could be anything I wanted to
I wanted to
I could be anything but one thing’s true

Never gonna be as big as jesus
Never gonna hold the world in my hand
Never gonna be as big as Jesus
Never gonna build a promised land
But that’s alright okay with me

Audio Adrenaline.


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4 responses to “With These Hands, Part 2

  1. Love the finished products and the wonderful smiles on each of your faces!

  2. Chuck & Susan Pinkerton

    What a great idea, Mel! And what fun creations! Love seeing the pics of you all! Wondering…are you still taking orders for other creations…like your art pieces? Do you still do email or is this the best way to reach you? Hope to ‘talk’ soon… Susan

  3. Miriam

    So much fun! You are a joy Mel! genius idea 😉

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