Hello, November.

You came to our doorsteps in the chill of the night, and as I crawled out of bed, the beginning of another year’s month-long visitation was obvious and present. But unlike other company, we didn’t prepare for you…you bring your own forms of wonder to us and host us in your own time and beauty.

I must admit that I didn’t feel ready for you to come, mostly because the past two months have been so full of changes already that I didn’t want more. But there is upcoming excitement and anticipation in your stay–so please don’t move on too quickly.

But I want to ask: Are you ever disappointed at the end of your stay? After reminding us to be thankful–to count our blessings, to cherish our family and friendships–only to be overlooked a few hours later, as if you never existed? How can we forget so soon, so freely, so easily?

And so even today, as cold winds blow in grey skies, I am reminded to say prayers of thankfulness in all things.

Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, to which indeed you were called in one body. And be thankful.

Colossians 3:15

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  1. A year of thankfulness…..a Savior who promises to be with us always and the salvation He offers, best friend, family, a Bible Teaching Church, wonderful friends, those in need slipped into our lives, music praising our God, the Bible who draws us closer to our Lord, prayer requests needing our attention, the beautiful skies all year around, precious children-grandchildren-great-grandchildren and the hard things we go through that help us to grow in the Lord. I am so blessed by your friendship Melinda. Just want you to know that you have helped me grow in the Lord too. You are loved!

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