A Poem

This morning as I made my bed, I got to rhyming in my head

It’s rare for me to think this way, but somehow this morning started in a different way.

The sun was shining on the leaves, as they fluttered aimlessly in the breeze

I thought about the day before, when every aspect in physical body seemed like a chore.

Evening is when company came, and the routine was much the same

Sit in the middle recliner chair, head twisting left and right in the air…

Trying to follow along with no success, it didn’t help my mental helplessness.

After a cup of evening tea, I excused myself to be with just me

And stay awake, dismissing all thoughts of what’s physically at stake.

With nose in book, compliments of my Nook.

Tired eyes finally shut for the night, like the outside darkened skies.

So what changed in my slumbering, that made this day more worth remembering?

It certainly was not any easier, and that should be no brain teaser

I was still clumsy and in times a bit grumpy, yet was loved all the same…

The action verb for this word, kindness is its name

I do not have to earn or give in return, but as tomorrow comes

I’ll remember the night, the sun and leaves in the breeze, the kindness shown in Love…

See above my low and helpless state, fully appreciate

The day, the moment, my grey and veiled eyes flutter open…

Try singing instead of grumbling,

Because the Greatest Kindness, my Jesus has shown, and His grace and mercy my heart has made its own.

A reason for living, in kindness, in giving.


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8 responses to “A Poem

  1. Lois

    Your poem is precious. Thank you for sharing it!

  2. Your poem made me stronger!!! Thank you very much Mel!!!

  3. Susan Pinkerton

    Thank you for sharing those poetic thoughts that were going around in your mind–a needed and encouraging reminder for me too.

    I didn’t know you were a poet but your feet show it…they’re Longfellows! 🙂 Just teasing…I found that little saying in one of my brother’s high school books from way back. He was a tall, lanky fellow and one of his friends had written that in his textbook. Thought you might enjoy the fun comment. 🙂

  4. Kim Jenerette

    I read Proverbs this morning and now followed it up with a Psalms from Mel … a wonderful way to start my day … a challenge to focus in on the kindness …. of our Lord ….

    We love you, Mel ….

  5. Aunt Tanis

    My goodness, Melinda! What a masterpiece!

  6. I loved it too Melinda! Sometimes I think in rhyme and many times don’t have a pencil to put it all down. Not only was it good…it also had such meaning…so much to think about. Thanks for sharing with all of us.

  7. Sheron Gibbs

    I always look forward to your post. They inspire me to focus on the Lord.
    HE is using you in lives today ! Your perspective of not what but who really counts is so refreshing. Thank you for your honesty, wisdom and sharing.
    I love you Melinda, Mrs. Gibbs

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