It all started Tuesday night a month ago, when I bumped my leg getting out of the shower, in which caused a deep gash on my left shin. A little background information might help explain the situation: It wasn’t my first time hitting my leg on the bathtub sides. In fact, both shins were already portraying an array of nicely blended shades of black and blue that had already been there for some time, due to the longer healing process in taking blood thinner pills. Add the delicacy of the skin, due to long-term use of steroids and complete numbness in the left leg, often I don’t know where most of my bruises come from–except the ones on the front shins.

I often think that I am un-observant. Or maybe things get so routine that it just doesn’t phase the mind that something is different. Such is the case on that day when I was exiting the bathtub. My bathtub already has higher-than-normal siding, not making it as an excuse, but my legs just can’t quite ever make it over the hurdles of a bathtub without contact, unless I am making a “leap in the air” look…which I am sure looks different in my mind than real life. I never ran track. Or hurdles.

My leg that day hit the rim, but I didn’t notice…actually, because it hit the heaviest portion of the bruises, I can’t even remember feeling it. It wasn’t until I noted scarlet red all over my new bathmat that I realized I had been wounded. Good thing I hadn’t ventured off the bathmat yet. I couldn’t reach the ever-present band-aid supply in my counter drawers by the sink, so I made myself presentable for assistance and then pushed my Lifeline button.

After several boxes of large band aids and keeping the wound as cleaned and protected as possible, it still was not healing properly. When I went to Children’s last week, doctors looked at the wound and my ankle as a redness and swelling of the skin under the actual gash had started. We set an appointment to see the Wound Team on September 9th, went to Cleveland for the weekend and started the new week. Then came Tuesday evening.

It hadn’t been until Tuesday that the redness and lower swelled ankle really started to hurt. That evening as Dad was helping me, he was carefully wiping the area with a warm washcloth before applying the new band-aid on the actual wound; it felt like pins and needles!! The next day was no better and by Thursday morning, Mom called my Nurse Practitioner at Children’s. I was just ending my early morning Skype chat with my friend when Mom comes in with a note saying that Children’s wanted me to their ER as soon as we could get there–more along the hopefulness that we could figure out the leg problem and still get me to my CEI appointment by 2:30. Like a two-in-one day. It’s not possible.

Already being set to go for the day, I just quickly put on my shoes, grab the rest of my half-eaten apple and a Fiber One streusel bar while Mom fills my Tervis with my morning coffee. Off we go. At the ER, we get into a room…do some waiting, watch an episode of Bonanza, talk with a few different doctors, more waiting and I fall asleep in my chair. Mom had already called CEI and explained the situation, and they kindly rescheduled my appointment to the following day (yesterday.)

It is in these situations that you learn patience; after much waiting, I got the ultrasound done one my left leg to ensure there was no blood clot problems. The good news is that there is no blood clot problems! 🙂 What the results show is that it is Cellulitis. It’s a skin infection. Germs, even the tiniest, enter through the wound and start to spread as an infection: infested…seems so gross. It’s not like I wasn’t keeping my hygiene or things like this, it just happened. But getting the proper antibiotics now will, in hopes, keep it from continuing to spread. It can get into the blood stream or the bones and that is something not wanted or needed at the moment!

Please pray this infection heals enough by next week, as timing of the eye surgery is mostly dependent on this…


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9 responses to “Infested

  1. Jane Thomas

    I’ll be praying for you my dear sweet friend! I’m so sorry you have an infection on top of everything else! Please let me know how you’re doing when you can. Love you!

  2. Aunt Tanis

    Ouch!! So sorry about the infection! We will pray for a quick healing!
    Aunt Tanis

  3. michelle

    O dear Jesus, as us humans grapple with Mel and the beautiful person she is and how this infection has set on at such a time, Lord, grant your peace that passes all understanding, the working of your Holy Spirit on the hearts of everyone involved and that indeed Mel would know the Holy Spirit her Helper and Comforter. It is in your Holy Name that we pray. May we know, love and be with You.

    Mel, I am always touched reading your blogs. Take Care!

  4. Praying for healing of this infection and God’s good, pleasing, and perfect will in all of this. Love and hugs and blessings to you!

  5. Dear Lord, please take care of my dear friend Melinda. Give her your perfect peace and healing. Be with the doctors, nurses and family as they help her and let her be in a state of praising you for everything. Thank you that we can come to you with our prayers and concerns for Melinda. Let her feel your arms wrapped around her with the knowledge that all of her family and friends are keeping her lifted to you. Love, hugs and Gods richest blessings.

  6. Kate Walker

    Sending you lots of love and prayers of healing! You’re the strongest person I know, yet another obstacle, but you can do this!

  7. mel

    Thank you everyone for the encouraging posts and prayers. After this weekend, I am not sure how things are since the ankle is still very swollen, but it is not as red and doesn’t hurt as bad so I am hoping those are positive signs. 🙂

  8. Kim Decker

    I’ve had that. Nasty stuff indeed. Hope and pray you are healing.

  9. Megan


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