When I Paint

This year’s Art on the Lawn Festival could not have gone any better! I think it all started with the fact that even with all the summer happenings–family and friend visits, a trip to Colorado, a cataract surgery and recovery, a weekend in Michigan, more family and friend visits–I completed all my paintings and preparations in good timing! Not to say that the prior two years I necessarily procrastinated, but this year, I felt in control of the situation…but that came in part of the previous year’s trial and error tactics.

It’s special to reflect back on events and see growth of where you have been and where you are now. My first show, I literally had no clue what I was setting myself into, yet I challenged myself and some of my best paintings resulted from that year. I was very social, but more as a “represent” of The Children’s Tumor Foundation as a portion of my earnings would be donated for continued research. Starting off with a strong foot helped me know which areas that needed shifting and others that I wanted to see more of at the next show.

Last year’s show came all too quickly! My paintings had started to incorporate different medium items; I still challenged myself, but gone were the days of extreme detail sets. I had started to find my fit and style, and enjoyed working painting in ways that challenged me, but more in creativity rather than detail. When the day of the show came, we were better in readiness, as Dad’s well-planned system in hanging my paintings saved us much time and less hassle than the previous year. But I found myself more quiet; my sister did most of the talking and by the end of the day, I was tired of being,”the girl with a disease” story. As I was preparing for this year, that was the first adjustment–it just had to go.

“I’m not putting up any signs for The Children’s Tumor Foundation or anything,” I told Mom as we were finishing putting the price tags on the canvases. “I’ll just have my business cards laid out,” I concluded. Mom said that was fine, her reassurance that it was okay for this to be my day. Best decision I could have made for the day. There was no pressure to discuss my every problem with everyone–though there were some questions asked and I answered or if I didn’t understand, I had the help I needed from my parents and friends. (Not to mention, I probably was a bit obvious with my use of walker, especially trudging on the grass to the bathrooms!) 😉

It was a day of art–of friends and conversations; meeting new artists around my booth; and coming home, in complete exhaustion, with a thankful and happy heart.


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5 responses to “When I Paint

  1. Aunt Tanis

    Pleasant memories, for sure!

  2. Theresa Mayer

    Hi, this is Theresa, I was in the booth next to you. I enjoyed meeting you and your family. My son who is a music teacher, bought two of your pieces with sheet music on them, one for his office and one for the music class room. So they will have a good home. I loved reading this post, thanks for sending me your link. I too have a disability, a spinal cord injury. I so agree sometimes it is nice to be just an artist not an artist with a disability although I never mind explaining the functional electrical stim unit I ware on my leg.
    Hope you can keep painting.

    • mel

      Hi Theresa! Funny story about meeting your son–he looks so much like a guy I know here in town but haven’t sen in forever. So when he introduces his wife, I am thinking, “When did Ben get married?” haha. And even with my hands the way they are changing, painting is the only thing that still seems somewhat normal these days. 🙂

  3. Megan

    Aw, this does sound like it was the absolute best way to spend your last Art on the Lawn!! Glad it went well – even though I already knew this since I’m just a wee bit behind on reading your blog… I so enjoy reading your posts though and have missed sitting down to check everyday. I think it’s to blame for primarily 2 reasons: (1) We have not had internet at home for several months now and (2) my time spent at work has been particularly busier than normal so I don’t even have time to check there most days either! Looks like I’ll just take a trek to McDonald’s or something for free WiFi LOL:):) Love you tons! Megs ❤

    • mel

      I am glad you read the posts, even if by the time you do it is old news due to Skype chats and such.I follo2w some blogs (TimChalles, A Holy Experience, Modern Mrs. Darcy, etc) and get behind in reading those so often. It happens, especially the way this year has flown bye so quickly. 🙂

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