Epic Fail

Last week, the day before we were scheduled to leave for a one day reunion in upper Michigan that I found myself with extra time on my hands. My bag was already packed, repacked and triple checked to ensure I had all my necessities covered for the road trip. Prior to packing, I had started a few new paintings. Hoping to finish them before the weekend, I asked Mom to help me down to the basement; once settled in my art studio corner, I let my creativity flow in acrylic colors, textures and future beads that would need to be attached once the paint dried.

On my final 8×10 canvas, however, I had no intent for mixed media and went to work applying the mustard yellow background color. When it was just about dry, I started the circle motions in white that would be the base color for the bundle of flowers to come next. My choice of floral arrangement could not be worse as my colors started blending together to form a chocolate latte tone and my circles were all the more enlarging. I ended stopping the circles and covered the whole canvas with this created color instead. Frustrated and out of no-where I titled it, Epic Fail.
. . .
I finished Epic Fail today. On the outer surface, you would never have known it is a twice painted canvas. That’s the beauty of second chances. There are areas in my life that are beginning to surface; epic fails that are needing a change from within, from the heart. And I can change, because of forgiveness. I have already been reborn, a second chance. That’s mercy and grace.
DSCN3715 Epic Fail.


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3 responses to “Epic Fail

  1. Love it Mel. Thank our God for second chances. Love you.

  2. michelle

    It looks like hope dawning 😉

  3. Megan

    I love this!!! You’re honest heart and the painting;) XO,Megs

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