Beauty Rain

DSCN3713 Sunset in Rain.

A few nights ago, we had an evening of thunder, lightning and heavy rains. I was typing at the dining room table and like any other storm, I simply just unplugged my laptop and ignored the commotion outside (minus a few commented phrases– “Wow, that was a bright lightning flash!”) My eyes finally needed a break, so I sat back in my chair and gazed out the window.  By this time, the storm had calmed and the evening sunset was attempting to shine through the grey.

Beauty Rain…when the strength of light and color emerges from the deep of dark greys.

Don’t doubt in the dark what God has show you in the light.


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3 responses to “Beauty Rain

  1. Kathy ellithorpe

    Mel, I love this! Can I purchase it from you? I would love to have it hanging in my bedroom! A common thread from you to me….our sunsets……message me or send an email…..:)

  2. Megan

    Beauty Rain… I like that phrase =D Like the painting too… it really captures the way rain clouds look with the sunset colors coming through and the wisps of rain falling to the Earth. Great work sis ~ Megs

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