The Open Door

“What’s the point of having a handicap sign on the door, if there is no handicap button to open the door?” My question was intended for Mom as we made our way into a store. A man nearing the entrance at the same time may have heard my blunt, yet honest, question as he held open the first of the double door entryway. I smiled and said, “Thanks!” as I passed on the way inside.

A situation such as this really is not something that is one to dwell on in frustration. I think I simply asked my question, because I am seeing this same concept more often now that I use and depend on my walker in public. But maybe that is where my frustration sometimes comes from–I think the concept of having a sign but no modem is misleading and I want to voice my opinion about it very loudly.

And this is where my thoughts collide. It is not easy for me to be disabled; sometimes my frustrations at my physical state (slowness due to hands, upset stomach, the fact that I can’t go downstairs by myself anymore or get myself outside either) causes me to want to voice my opinions strongly about the unfairness of life; (I do that anyway when it concerns health insurance woes.) This way of thinking endangers me in selfishness…that things should be as I want them to be.

And so I think of doors in an analogy of my life. Not all closed doors are meant to frustrate; not all open doors are meant for me to walk through; some doors will have misleading signs; some doors will not open on their own, but will take physical effort on my part. Discerning the right door to enter is dependent on the door to my heart–“Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life.” ~Proverbs 4:23, NLT

Doors of Greece. Pictures taken by Mel 🙂 (Greece trip, May 2010)

Myceneans Mycenaean tomb

Athens Athens

Greece0075 Phillipi

Philippi Greece0002 Ruins of the church building, Phillipi

Philippi Greece0001 Phillipi


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4 responses to “The Open Door

  1. Michelle

    There are many aggravations in this life! I’m glad that you are expressing your feelings, its good to vent and be honest. At one point, Jesus expressed He felt forsaken. To think God came down to earth to suffer in order to open the right door in order to love His Father and us! May faith in God’s promise empower you. “No unbelief or distrust made him waver concerning the promise of God, but He grew strong and was empowered by faith as he gave praise and glory to God.” – Thank the Lord for those people around you that lend a helping hand, even if they have a faulty motives…God works through faulty people. ❤

  2. Megan

    Great analogy sis!!!! Love you!!! ~Megan<3

  3. Megan

    Ooh and those are some awesome door pics from your Greece trip… I remember seeing pics from your time spent over there but it was fun to see all the door ones stuck together:) Lots of unique designs and architecture that’s for sure!! XOXO, Megs

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