Thankful for Today

I didn’t take much notice of the blue skies and appearing sunshine when I first woke this morning. Remembering the days of summer when waking between 6:30-7 A.M. was pure joy (and total spontaneous…), I groggily pull myself out of bed around 7:40 after smacking my snooze button at least three times prior. Stanley Steemer was coming between 8-9 A.M. to spot clean the carpet, in which my room was one of them. I text Mom to tell her I am awake (though not desiring to be out of bed yet) and get ready.

As I enter the kitchen, Mom has the coffee brewing and I grab a quick bowl of cereal for breakfast. “I could be more awake if I went to bed earlier,” my thoughts conclude. This past week, I have had many late evenings. If I did not want to blame myself, I would put blame on the authors who write incredible novels. I started one Saturday evening and simply could not put it down! Last night I had about eighty pages left and knew if I didn’t conclude the story, I wouldn’t sleep anyway. I am known to finish good reads such as this at the wee hours in the morning, but last night, it was just until 1 A.M.

Blue skies and sunshine were not highly celebrated by my family or I while living in Colorado. In fact, like the mountains, I simply took the combination for granted. After moving, the skies proved very different! I can handle the long streaks of rainy days, but what gets me is the days where the sky is just white: no clouds, no sun, no blue. Just white, as if a drywall has been placed between earth and the heavens. Not so today! Blue skies and sunshine. As I reenter the kitchen a few hours later for lunch, I tell Mom: “These kinds of days give me energy!” And sort of pump my arms in cheerleader fashion.

Last week I called my good lady friend for a chat. Gayle is more like another grandma as she has known my family and I even before I was born. Her godly wisdom and sense of humor are something that encourages me every chance we get to talk (or when I visited her during Denver days.) She is the only mid-eighties woman I know that can chat more about football than even myself! No offense to my family, but I don’t get very far when discussing the topic with them (except for my brother-in-law!) 🙂

So when I called her, our first order of talk was indeed football, seeing as the Superbowl is approaching this coming Sunday and we are both Broncos fans! We talked about family and the holidays; current news, weather and a few fun things coming up. Eventually we got around to discussing health–she has Diabetes and myself with NF2. About the only thing we have in common is bad balance and occasional falls (but no broken bones!) We near the end of our conversation and I briefly mention the dates for my upcoming MRI/doctor appointments. I share a few thoughts on the matter and tell her that there is nothing I can do at this point besides take life one day at a time and live it to the fullest and to the best of my abilities while I can.

She listened then responded, “Well I’ll tell you…I am just so thankful that you are still able to get yourself around and take care of yourself and not confined yet. I am happy to hear that.” I got a few tears in my eyes, “Thanks Gayle.”

When I commented to Mom about the sunshine, blue skies and energy, my mind flashed with thoughts of Gayle. She was thankful for my health, though we had discussed even the changes that are spiraling downward. How often do I get out of bed and pray simply, “Thank you for this new day,” or “Thank you that I can still get myself out of bed and prepare for the day.” In honesty, I don’t…especially on the white days. But I desire to start a new praise habit…one of thankfulness in the morning, no matter the colors of the sky.

Blue skies that take me back to being a child
Trees with leaves that turn the colors I love
A heart that’s beating to Your melodies ringing
And I am a miracle ’cause heaven is a part of me
And You are the song that I’m singing

“All Things New.” Watermark. Rocketown, 2004.


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5 responses to “Thankful for Today

  1. Wanda Couzens-Smith

    We all certainly need to do this: be thankful for each day & look at each day as a gift from God. And I think of how seldom I do that. You help me put my life in perspective ………… are in inspiration Melinda. When I pray for you weekly in our Sunday School class, I ALWAYS mention your witness to others. I’m thankful that you see God daily and you “talk God” —– what He is doing in your life & how wonderful He is!!! Take care. I think of you daily & pray for you daily. Sending hugs……………….

  2. Tracy

    As always~I thank you for your honest and encouraging post. I also can’t wait to find out what book captivated your interest so 🙂 Looking forward to Sunday 🙂 What time did you want us there?

    • mel

      I figured you would. 😉 It’s a historical fiction novel: Gideon’s Call by Peter Leavell. I start the book you loaned me tomorrow so I can give it to you Sunday. 🙂 Game starts at 6:30, so if you want to be here anywhere between 5:45-6ish then we can get our food/drinks before it starts. 🙂 Excited!!!

  3. Megan

    Aw:) “Like”… great reminder to be faithful in all things!! Thanks sis! ~Megs

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