A Christmas without Disappointment

Needless to say, last night I was a bit disappointed. Although I was pretty excited to wear my new mustard yellow fuzzy-knitted winter hat! But I am not so certain it was worth the long haul of pushing my walker on slushed-iced sidewalks in 20 degree weather. I take that back…yes, it was worth it for the memory–Oh, the memory!! But since it was dark and slushy-ice, I could not go into town on my own. Let me just say one thing: I have the coolest parents!

I have been looking forward to this weekend for quite sometime. The first weekend of December and it has been filled with Christmas cheer. Friday night we attended a concert at the university. I planned my outfit of a fancy red shirt, my green polka dot sweater and fun red earrings that resemble gift bows. The concert? The one and only Denver and the Mile High Orchestra. They are just about the jazziest, craziest modern horn band that will make you laugh and worship all in one evening. Believe me, my polka dots fit right in with the college campus fun!



I first saw Denver and his band perform on my Make-a-Wish cruise my senior year of high school. The radio station, K-Love, was hosting the cruise that took place the first part of January 2005. It would sail from Las Angeles to Catalina Island, and to Ensenada, Mexico before returning to the states. K-Love had been a great source of music, encouragement and fun during my radiation days in Denver (the city.) Mom and I could laugh along with radio hosts–John and Sheri Rivers-during early, cold, rush-hour drives to the hospital; Mom could sing and stay awake on drives home while I slept; and once we attended a movie they were promoting for Third Day’s Come Together album. Jokingly, I put my name in the box for a chance to win concert tickets–guess whose name got drawn? 😉

When the conversation about my qualifying for a Wish first came about, it shouldn’t be a surprise then that I would choose the cruise: a week full of concerts by my favorite bands! I see now that it was God timed, because after my freshman year of college, my hearing started to decline. By junior year, I was using interpreters for chapels and classes. Although I could still hear music, I usually played it loud and started keeping to “oldies,” basically no more K-Love as they played songs that I didn’t know.

Like I’ve said, this year at Christmas is different without music. On Friday, it is not that I didn’t know the songs (minus one or two), it is that I didn’t hear them. Nothing. I knew this, and went anyway: the performance and atmosphere was the reason I went. From what I remember on the cruise to what I saw Friday night: the band hasn’t changed much. 🙂

So why the big disappointment last night? Maybe I was expecting too much considering the weather and cold. Or maybe it was remembering how fun last year’s Parade of Lights had been and I just assumed the same for this year (without taking my current physical state into any consideration.) The best part about the town’s Parade of Lights is that all the little shops are open; between Beans-n-Cream and Stoney Creek Roasters, you are bound to get in a free hot drink outside their doors; and just about all of town’s residents and college students flood the streets. It’s like a movie moment.

And there we all were–ready for the parade. You can always tell when a parade begins as you see police car lights flashing. Since we were standing on the “end” part of the parade route, I saw the flashing lights approach very slowly, but they finally came. The police car was suburban style and it was pulling a trailer on which Santa and Mrs. Clause were seated on a sleigh, pulled by two model reindeer. I waved as they passed and didn’t think much to the fact that they were followed by a regular police car, with flashing lights. I still am not registering the fact that after that police car there was a huge line of regular cars.

Mom looks at me, “That’s it.”


Haha, yes. Disappointment.

The truth is, the Christmas season can be disappointing-could be the weather, not finding “the perfect gift” for your friend, or even something as silly as a one-float parade through a whole town of people. Santa may have been the beginning and end to our town’s parade, but Jesus is the beginning and end of everything. The same yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews 13:8)–in Him there is no disappointment.

I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end.

Revelation 22:13


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2 responses to “A Christmas without Disappointment

  1. Amen on Jesus being the beginning and the end and the same always! PTL!

  2. Megan

    Amen and Amen!!! Great post:):) *Laughed pretty hard all over again about the story of that night…. after having you tell it to me via Skype, I couldn’t help but giggle. Oh good times! XOXO, Megs

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