The Secret Ingredient

During last weeks PT session, my physical therapist and I made small talk as she was helping me get into my new ankle braces (more to come on that story). I told her that my only weekend plans was to attend the Taming of the Shrew play with my sister at Cedarville University. (The play was AMAZING!) Because I had nothing else, she invited me to join her and her husband for the annual Sauerkraut Festival in Waynesville.

They have attended for a few years in a row and she proceeded to tell me all about the different things they have there at the booths and the food. When she mentioned that they put sauerkraut in desserts too, I gave an “ew” remark but was assured you don’t taste it, it just adds moisture. Like a secret ingredient. I am not a sauerkraut fan, but decided it would be fun to tag along and experience the festival for myself.

Around these parts, every town has a few festivals special only to that town. For Cedarville it is Cedarfest held at Labor Day. The Chamber of Commerce writes:

Cedarfest is an annual Labor Day Weekend festival in Cedarville, Ohio; the “Home of Labor Day”. Cedarfest has something for everyone in the home of the Father of Labor Day.

It is a really fun-filled weekend. We attended different events last year–my favorite was the pancake breakfast served at the fire station. 🙂 Anyway, Yellow Springs holds the Art on the Lawn Festival and an annual Street Fair every October. Young’s Dairy holds different events in the summer and in Springfield (also during Labor Day weekend), they have an annual “Fair at the New Boston” festival, in which you take a step back into time. There are countless others–if you attended them all, your summer weekends would always be booked. But I think these traditions are fun and they provide opportunities for vendors to share their home-made products with people and it is a social time.

Yesterday was no different, except this was by far the LARGEST festival I have ever seen! Wow…crowded! It reminded me of back in the days where the markets were on the lower section of the city or right outside the city walls…full of vendors selling their meats, baskets or fabrics, with live chickens clucking around. 🙂 There were no live chickens in Waynesville, but the street was still a sight to see.

Although she was not there as a PT–it was kind of like hanging out with an aunt/uncle–I felt more confident with her being there as we took the walker I just bought Friday and it was my first time using it; she showed me the proper ways to get on the curb and such. I am so thankful that I had the walker, because it was not only great for balance as we weaved our way through mass amounts of people, but the seat also came in handy when we ate lunch and for the souvenir bags of homemade goodies.

The town was set up like a driving street. You walked in one direction on the right lane and the other direction in the left lane…traffic jams were ultimately inevitable. The main street of vendor booths was a mile long. We started on the side in which you climb the hill…so by the time we reached the other side and turned around, we were walking downhill. (Another time I was thankful for the walker!) We took our time…mostly “window shopping” but every once in a while stopping in a booth to look around at the products or test taste the food. We tried the sauerkraut salsa at one booth…my tongue felt like it was on fire! Thankfully, there was a booth from WI not too far down, so the delicious cheeses set that problem straight.

We had sauerkraut pizza for lunch and it actually was really good. If I was served the pizza at a restaurant without knowing what the added toppings were under the cheese, I would never think to say “sauerkraut” as an addition. They look like onions anyway. But this pizza was good–also had sausage and green peppers too. Towards the end of our two mile excursion, we stopped at a booth that had desserts (sauerkraut: secret ingredient). Among the options, I bought a brownie, a slice of pie, and a whoopee pie. Still seems strange, but the brownie reminded me of German Chocolate cake and I had the pie this morning at breakfast with coffee. I liked it better than the brownie.

Yesterday was a fun day. I am glad I went and glad I had my walker to help me as I really pushed myself physically in all that walking. By the time I came home, my body was ready to just sit; so I did. Even after a good nights sleep, my body today was feeling the effect of yesterday’s exercise–my body was just slower moving today. It took me all afternoon to get papers organized out of my file box for a meeting tomorrow; my hands were not cooperative. Then it took me over a half hour just to change the sheets on my bed–by the end, I was breathing like I had just ran a 5k.

My strength is not found in the cups of coffee every morning, nor in the stability of my walker–but by God’s goodness. His strength is no secret ingredient…it is the ingredient to my life and the reason I live through another day.

Strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord
We will wait upon the Lord
We will wait upon the Lord (x2)

Our God, You reign forever
Our hope, our Strong Deliverer

You are the everlasting God
The everlasting God
You do not faint
You won’t grow weary

You’re the defender of the weak
You comfort those in need
You lift us up on wings like eagles 

“Everlasting God.” Chris Tomlin.


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10 responses to “The Secret Ingredient

  1. Lois

    What a fun, new take on “secret ingredients”. I would love to try sauerkraut pizza, but I will take your word for it on the brownies! Fun! I so enjoy your sharing of your experiences. Thank you! Love you! Hugs!

    • mel

      There is the pizza place up here called Haha Pizza and I know they do an eggplant pizza…but next time I go, I want to see if they do sauerkraut too. If so, I will take you there next time you visit. 🙂 (either way, their stuff is delicious !)

      Love !

  2. A.B.

    I love this! I was just talking to the kids about the pure deliciousness of brownies. Now I must tell them of sauerkraut brownies!! Love you Mel…

  3. I thank God for you every day sweet Melinda! Thanks for sharing your adventure:)

  4. Megan

    Aw:) Wish I could have joined you all – sounds like it was fun! Still can’t believe that a brownie, whoopie pie, and regular pie would be good with sauerkraut in it…. I’ll take your word on that one:) Pretty neat that a secret ingredient would simply provide moisture over taste!

    And what a great way to look at it that there is no secret to God’s strength – the devotional by Dr. David Jeremiah for two days ago was about the strength of the Lord. Very interesting connection : )

    Anyway, I had no idea that you got a walker! That’s great it can help you move around and how nice for it to have a seat on it to rest! I checked out the link to the Sauerkraut Festival and my oh my that is a very crowded street!!!!!!! Love and miss you tons ~ Megs

    • mel

      Marcia, dad and I tried the whoopie pie today with our coffee. I thought it was so disgusting ! LOL. I will just stick to the pizza as I actually liked it.

      I also read that Dr. Jeremiah as it came after I finished my post. Reaffirming. 🙂

      • mel

        Mom ate the last part of my whoopie pie portion and thought it was good too. Discovery: because it was a carrot cake pie not chocolate, mom thinks I was tasting the clove spices…as you can’t taste the sauerkraut. So, yes…yucky cloves. 😛 LOL

      • Megan

        Bwahaha! Well there ya go… now you know that you do not like the taste of cloves. I remember when we used to poke cloves into oranges for the birds. “Feed the birds, tuppins a bag.” LOL ;D Love you tons!!

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