I spy something, Orange

Frank Sinatra said, “Orange is the happiest color.” I don’t think I would have agreed with that statement prior to this year. I would have chosen a shade of pink or yellow…but thinking about the color orange these past few weeks makes me think Mr. Sinatra stated it just right.

Orange is orange. There is so much about the color’s personality: When blended with other colors, it is shy. When it stands alone, it is bold. Thinking in these terms, I compiled a list of things that came to mind when I thought of the color and its different shades:

soft hue: peaches, apricots, pumpkins, Helenium flowers, sunsets, orange tabby cats

medium hues: oranges (fruit), Iceland poppy, pot marigolds, Clown fish, macaroni and cheese

bold hues: caution signs, hunter vests, Asiatic lilies, leaves in the fall, Monarch butterflies, school buses

I am sure there are more…after all, we each as individuals don’t see the same shades of any color. (“Is this navy blue or black?”) 🙂 Regardless, I think most often the color orange (unless it is your favorite color) is often forgotten. Think of a rainbow, what color(s) do you see first? I know my eye goes for the red or blueish-purple. Coming after the glory of red, orange is shy; coming before yellow, orange is bold.

I see this shy vs. bold personality in myself. When I am with family or a friend, I rely on them if I miss something (regarding to hearing.) They are the ones to speak first of my deafness and how I read lips. It is not like I can’t fend for myself…I most often get as far as I can in the conversation, then mention my deafness if I say, “I’m sorry, please say that again.” But when I am alone, I feel bold. I speak freely of my deafness, but I think most boldness came from shy experiences.

Like today, I went pant shopping. As the lady at the fitting room knocked on the door to see if anyone responded before unlocking it, I took the liberty to mention that I was deaf and if she knocked on my door, I would not know nor answer. (Just speaking from a shy experience before in fitting rooms where I had not mentioned that tiny but vital detail. 🙂 ) When I finished my sentence, she looked really happy and started signing…”I know sign language!” Talking about my deafness to strangers started out in shyness (embarrassment), but when I take time to acknowledge my communication needs, it results in a better understanding.

The color orange may never be a “favorite” color, but I am now appreciative to its purposes and beauty. Take a moment to ponder a color…you may be surprised by what you find.

I spy something. Orange. Can you see it?



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10 responses to “I spy something, Orange

  1. Wanda Couzens-Smith

    Orange is my favorite color!!! Just sayin’ : )………..so glad that we can see colors……….pretty colors.

  2. Sheri

    I had lots of shades of orange in my house in the 70’s! (Well, maybe everyone did). It also used to be one of my favorite colors. It IS a happy color!

    • mel

      Ah yes, 70’s classiness…the mustard yellow too (or was that the 80’s??)

      I started decorating my room with different colors and orange is now a more dominate appearance, (softer shades). It is a refreshing change.,

  3. Lois

    Orange is not my favorite color, but I sure enjoyed your take on it. I now appreciate it more and will be watching for more orange this fall, especially! BTW – my favorite color is red-violet, but recently I have enjoyed claiming “pink” as in Pinkerton! It has been fun wearing more pink.

    And I say, that was fun to have a dressing room clerk know sign language!!!!
    Your painting reminds me of the colors that are in some stunning sunsets! Beautiful in your painting, too!

    • mel

      I really like the Rose color…sort of the red-pink. 🙂 I have a lot of pink and blue in my closet. I have never been one to own orange or green really but now I have one or two shirts of those colors. I think orange and green for me are more fun to wear accessories. 🙂

      As much as I don’t want it to get here very son as I am loving the warm weather, I am exited for the Fall colors. 🙂 (with tea and reading naturally).


  4. Deborah Gullett

    When I think of the things I can’t do anymore (I am 60, obese, and diabetic) I think of you. You have a great attitude and I enjoy and learn from your blog. Here is a link to a piece about a local lady who was my inspiration growing up. At one time my uncle worked for her father’s grocery store which was named after her- Nancy Rae:

    By the way, around here I grew up pronouncing it “oinch”. We are praying for you.
    From the beautiful hills of Southern Ohio,

    • mel

      I think all of us go through different times when we realize that there are things we can no longer do…some just have it more than others. Thanks for sharing this website!! My grandpa introduced me to the Mouth and Feet Painters in the spring. I know people such as Joni Erickson Tada painted like this, but was amazed when I got on the website and saw all these people and how incredible and DETAILED their artwork is! I have been wanting to paint a canvas by mouth just to learn to appreciate what my hands can still do and appreciate the uniqueness of these individual’s artwork. Truly amazing talents!!


  5. Megan

    This post was brilliant! ;D Remember when we used to say, “I spy with my little eye”? LOL – this post’s title reminded me of that. Great post on color!! It’s got me thinking on all the uniqueness of the colors God created:) XO

  6. Megan

    Oh and P.S. ~ I do spy something orange 😉 Neat painting sis!!!! Lots of Hugs ‘n Kisses!!!

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