Shifting Agendas

I had an agenda for today. I had my various projects all neatly organized, ready to be completed. My day started bright and early with getting my blood drawn for chemo. It has now been three weeks on the chemo treatment and my lab results look good. I still have had no side effects other than in the intestines, which is like a roller coaster ride: some days I feel fantastic and other days not. I am in humble gratitude for your daily prayers.

Shortly after returning home, I made chai and settled down for a time of reading and studying. When I finished, I had a whole new agenda: Think of something you have been neglecting and respond. I cleaned my bathroom and changed my sheets (it is a full workout for me); I refilled Muffy’s water dish; I rested; I enjoyed the evening air; I painted. It was a fantastic day.







Title: Prism.


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8 responses to “Shifting Agendas

  1. i really like some of your paintings Mel. One day I want to buy one from you to put in my house! I need art and have many empty walls 😉

    • mel

      So far, the plan for my paintings is to be part of the “Art on the Lawn” festival here, August 10th. (Blog post coming on that.) I had a booth there last year as well. 🙂

      Following the art show, I am going to set up an etsy account and sell my paintings there (will also use blog posts to keep everyone informed.) So, hopefully this fall that will begin to take place and I am excited. 😀

  2. ooooo I LOVE the yellow one! It just yells “SUNSHINE!” 🙂 I pray that you are feeling well today, Mel! Love you, cousin!

    • mel

      That would be a good title I suppose. 🙂 I have the hardest time with titles, especially on abstract work. The “Prism” one makes sense…but I guess that is my downfall in abstract art–I am too logical. LOL.

  3. We have a round house with many large windows. Love your art….not sure where it will fit. Bill’s mother was an artist too and we have her paintings hanging were there is space. Will have to think out where I could put one of your paintings. I love the blue with BE on it:) You are an amazing woman and we love you.

    • mel

      Large windows are a grand thing! 🙂 That is neat you have paintings from your mother-in-law too. I like going to people’s homes and if their is art, inquiring about the work…there are some interesting stories to be told. Art is so unique. 🙂

      I too like the “BE” painting. So simple. 🙂 Thanks for all your encouragement!

  4. Megan

    I always find your paintings fascinating:) I’ve seen some of these paintings before and am still drawn to the “Dream”, “Be”, and “Prism” the most …. of course every single one of these paintings are beautiful and oh so creative! Great work as lways sis!! XOXO, Megs

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