Car Lessons 101

Most of What I learned about cars, I learned from my Dad. He taught me how to change a flat tire and explained the importance of having your tires rotated and how to check my oil. He taught me how to drive in the mountains, merge into traffic on a freeway, fill my gas tank at the pump and explained insurance details tucked away in the glove compartment. On the day I bought my own car, Dad was with me (as well as Mom) to make sure the fair prices were being put on the table before I signed the paperwork. On the way back to my apartment, he even bought me new needed windshield wipers and showed me how to replace them. 🙂

Both Dad and I like cars: he likes to work on them and take pictures at old car shows. I just like to drive my car or ride along in any other…given (1) I am in the passenger seat and can make conversation or (2) I am in the backseat and can read. Road trips have special memories, especially the trips we took when I was a kid. Because I did not get car sick, me and my oldest sister were sentenced to the very back seats of the suburban which entitled us to no leg room and getting snacks whenever someone up front was hungry. We had no windows that opened, so our view was always tinted and when the windows from up front were open, we got all the air (which got annoying and cold quite fast!) The speakers for the music were all the way by the back door, so I was constantly asking for the music to be turned up…then Dad would jam to his oldies (which I did not have an appreciation f0r at the time) and I would reverse my request for the music to be turned down. Eventually, Mom would just turn off the music and say we should just talk with no music.

So today Dad, I thought of you when I found this picture:


I don’t know if it was our first family trip to the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, but I do know that this was the first picture I ever took and you just happen to be the one posing (actually I remember asking to take your picture). Today I won’t ask you to turn down the music, but might just find myself singing along. Happy Father’s Day!

I was lost and blind then a friend of mine
Came and took me by the hand.
And he led me to his kingdom
That was in another land.
Now my life is changed, it’s rearranged
When I think of my past I feel so strange.
Wowie, zowie, well He saved my soul.
He’s the rock that doesn’t roll.
He’s the rock that doesn’t roll.
He’s the rock that doesn’t roll.
He’s good for the body and great for the soul.
He’s the rock that doesn’t roll.
I was all alone like a rolling stone,
I was going nowhere fast.
I was on the road so far from home
When the future touched my past.
Now I feel so blessed ’cause He gave me a rest
And I finally feel like I’ve passed the test.
I wanna be like Him, yes that’s my goal
Like a rock that doesn’t roll
Larry Norman. “The Rock that Doesn’t Roll.” In Another Land. Solid Rock Records: 1975, 1993.


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8 responses to “Car Lessons 101

  1. Kim Decker

    Love your blog. Nice memories!

    • mel

      Thanks Kim! Thinking of all these memories sure did make me miss the Valley. Great place to grow up that is for sure (even though I did not think so at the time, ha).

  2. Sheri

    Dads are special!

  3. Danielle

    Made me think of my own childhood memories on family road trips : )

    • mel

      Hi Danielle. It is fun to think back on the little things like this isn’t it? I think it started for me last week when my friend asked me if I had gone camping growing up. Oh boy…memories! 🙂

  4. Megan

    LOL!!! This totally made me burst into laughter ~ our many road trips are cherished memories in my mind as well 😀 Like the time we thought that moving the seatbelts up and down would make our surburban go faster and playing ‘footsie’ in the back seat…. HAHAHA!!! Great post sis:) And here’s to our Daddy because we can celebrate how special a father he is all year long!

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