“….Mary Poppins~ Practically Perfect in Every Way!”

Today my sister and I headed to the Schuster Performing Arts Center in Dayton to see the Broadway musical of Disney’s Mary Poppins. Even though I could not hear pretty much anything, I could pick up on a few of the songs (mostly based off context clues in the stage actions.) My favorite scene of the whole musical being, “Step in Time.” And seeing Mary Poppins fly off the stage in exit was a classic. Overall, the whole show was extremely well done from costumes to choreography! It was a fun-filled afternoon, which of course would not have been complete without our brilliance of attire–all provided from our very own closets.






Have you seen the 1964 Disney classic, starring Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke? If so, what are your favorite parts or songs? 🙂


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9 responses to ““….Mary Poppins~ Practically Perfect in Every Way!”

  1. estherbentonmorford

    I LOVE IT! What a fun outing. I LOVE all the pictures. Making memories.

  2. Tanis Huebner

    Ha, Ha! Your costumes are priceless!!

  3. Jane

    You are both adorable!!!

  4. Negin

    Melinda, do u believe in the paradise? :((
    please pray for my dearest maestro to rest in heavenly peace…
    and also pray for me to keep my strength during difficulties, and keep my faith in god…♥♥♥♥♥
    and also pray for me to pass the big exam that will be held next month, u know it’s so much important, actually the main key to the university! thanksssssssssssss my dearest Melinda, :)))):*******
    Don’t forget me in your prayersssssssss, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee
    lots of love,♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  5. Negin

    Melinda, i do like Marry Poppins like u too, u know i remember when i went to the Italian school in my country they showed us Marry Poppins cartoons, actually i was so impressed when i saw it first and it came to one of my favorite cartoons..:))) the words” MARY POPPINS” actually reminds me the days at the class and a kind teacher named MARGERITA, our games,…
    What beautiful days went on…!!!!:(( i miss all them!

  6. Megan

    Hello Negin!! This is one of Melinda’s older sister – I must say it’s been fun seeing all of your replies to my sister’s blogs knowing that you live overseas!!! That’s neat! Just wanted to see how you’re doing after losing Maestro…. I can say that both Melinda and I do believe in paradise – Heaven that is:) It is where we will go after death, since we’ve both placed our faith in God, asked for the forgiveness of our sins, and have accepted Jesus Christ as Lord into our hearts. It’s a wonderful happening to be saved!!! It is from God that my sister gets all of her abounding joy regardless of what she goes through with her illness and it is in the arms of Jesus where I can comfort watching my sister go through such hard times. The Lord is steady through it all and I hope you will find this to be true in your own life. 🙂

  7. Megan

    Hello Sister:D I already read this blog prior to today but just wanted to post and say it looks like you and Melissa had so much fun dressing up as Mary Poppins, then going to the play:) I have so many favorite parts to that movie but I must say the penguin dance with Bert cracks me up!!!! XOXO

    • mel

      Ha ha. Yeah the penguins are one of my favorites. That at the “Step in time” part at the end. 🙂 I am glad we got to go to Peter Pan while you were here!!!! That was also an amazing play!

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