Freewriting on my Writer’s Block.

I just pushed the timer. Normally teacher’s set a time limit of five minutes, but to give my hands some grace I set the timer for twenty minutes. My sister just asked what I am doing. “Freewriting.” The sound of those words sort of makes me giggle. The thing is that lately I have had anything but writer’s block. I feel I have had too much on the mind about writing. Maybe it was spending an hour yesterday morning drinking coffee and reading the “Freshly Pressed” blogs or finding my first diary that my grandparents gave me 16 years ago. The diary became a close companion. I wrote almost every night through high school but in college I threw all but my first diary away because they were nothing but “cute boy blogs and high school drama.” I sort of regret that. I think a lot of my current “writer’s block” is associated with my computer…the realization that I spend too much time “in the box” which is the computer screen rather than expanding my knowledge through books, journaling thoughts and exercising the mind through creativity or physical activity. I have been aspiring to read more–between the few books I have currently bookmarked, I realize that my vocabulary is so small. Then I realized I have no dictionary. I usually just use google. I lay on top of my bed for a few moments to give my neck a break-another reason I think this week’s writer’s block has been a bit on the negative tone for my computer–I get the neck pain due to the position in which I sit, though I try to hold a good posture. So as I lay there thinking about how the writing world of my life has diminished I think of all the fun posts I want to write about in March. I think part of my writer’s block is like my life…I excitedly plan ahead but see the boring of today. It is something I am trying to overcome as a planner, writer, thinker, blogger. But I am ready to break away from the box, “aka–the computer screen.” I heard carrying around a small notepad during the day helps ease writer’s block. Not that I am lacking ideas but I am lacking writing things by hand–I don’t want to make more future to-do lists. I want to think and create written substance. I want to enjoy a time thinking “outside the box.” I am excited, because I want to go back to the days like my first diary entries, where every other word is misspelled or incorrect grammar. But the joy of just writing was evident.


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3 responses to “Freewriting on my Writer’s Block.

  1. Good for you! I love your posts. 🙂 You inspire me. Wish I could go on the trip with you all! Text me lots of pictures and updates. xoxoxoxoxooxooxoxoxox!

    • Oh, by the way… that was me… Melissa!! Sorry, I didn’t realize I was/am logged in under my work blog account.

      • mel

        No problem! I figured it was you by the salutation. xoxo. LOL. I wish you could come too. I will let mom text the pictures and I will just take lots on my camera. 😀 I can’t wait to hang out again–next time we will have lots to chat about such as the Biltmore Estate, etc. 🙂 xoxoxo

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