MRI and results.

I normally don’t write about my MRI experiences, because well…it is sort of a boring subject. But I thought since I have them frequently, I would share the experience. MRI’s for me were not a very bad experience when I first started them. You see, I used to watch movies in my MRI. Made a very fun three hours in the machine. My favorites to watch were Star Wars (a little obvious I am sure); and when I needed humor I watched the first of the Ice Age series or Toy Story. Of course I had to try not to laugh–which causes me to move (a no-no)…so I mostly stuck to Star Wars. 🙂 When I got to college, my MRI’s usually took place on my busiest weeks of the semester or a few times immediately right after finals week…so it was my three hours to sleep! I adjusted to listening to music, which usually opted to some sort of oldies cd….or at Christmas, it was definitely Michael W. Smith’s Christmastime. I just love that cd! Anyway, now I just listen to music. After moving to Ohio, my MRI’s were a little different: updated machines meant less time sleeping. Which is actually nice…my MRI on Monday went just a little over an hour…very nice.

Please don’t let me freak you out if you are claustrophobic. I just want my posts to be pure honesty. As I am being set up for an MRI, I lay on a flat table. They give you a pillow for your knees which is my favorite part. Then they proceed to get the headphones on, head-gear on top of that, give me the call button in my hand, blanket on top, strap my arms in like a mummy and into the tube I go. Literally. Now the first time my arms were strapped in, I thought it was weird, but actually I thought it was quite comfortable, because I fall asleep most often in that position at home (on my back with my hands on my stomach). Also, if my arms are by my sides when I fall asleep–they fall off the sliding part of the table and I move them…so having them set in place helps them hold still–which is the whole idea anyway. 🙂 Back to the first time my arms were strapped in, well, I was listening to Michael W. Smith’s Live the Life album. Great songs with upbeat rhythm. So as it gets to the song “Love Me Good”, which is very vibrant in beat–the straps on my arms start vibrating. At first I somewhat panicked, then realized that it was vibrating at the same beat as the bass beat of the song and I just had this sudden urge to tap my foot, BUT I COULDN’T!!! 😦 Sad day. I am still not sure why the straps vibrated.

MRI’s are usually very loud, shaky and they jerk the table around while you are laying there. Once I fall asleep, I usually don’t notice. Also, laying on the table usually starts to give the back of my head a sharp pain. Like my bone on my head sticks out or something. I even tried the past few MRI’s to try to lift my head by my neck just a tad to release the pressure off my head. Kids–don’t ever try this! It did not work, but it was worth the try and strengthened my chin muscles in the mean time.

After all this intro, I must say that this past Monday MRI was the best one I have ever had. I tried once to calculate an estimate of how many I have had and it is difficult. Let’s just say after ten years of MRI’s–this one was the tops. I think (but can’t credit with sources), but I think they must have updated their machines. It was so quiet that I could hear ALL my music and I was listening to a quiet cd = Maire Brennan in fact. 🙂 [St. Patrick’s Day] There was no buzzing on my arms and the only jerking that happened was from me during my deep sleep…totally catching up on sleep from the KY trip (miles of walking). 🙂 It was so pleasant. And that my friends is my MRI experience.

– – –

Today, we went to Cincinnati Children’s for my doctor appointments. The MRI of my brain showed stable, as did the MRI of the spine–except for more fluid in the tumor that is set in the spinal cord from the C3-C7 area. We discussed our options but the plan as of today is to not start any treatments and see how I progress over the next few months before my next MRI. I am to see a neuro-ophthalmologist about a few vision concerns and a pain management team to discuss my pain levels. If all goes well, I might be seeing them both next Thursday, but I will keep you posted. They got me up to date on my medicines as my Vitamin D was extremely low, as was my thyroid level a few weeks ago too. I also start a new small pain medicine to take as needed for extreme pain.

Most of my extreme pain is in my right hand as it has two tumors (the most probable thing) that are resting on the pinky side of my palm. The smaller of the two especially is painful when I grip things or accidentally hit my hand on a table or something. I do not see much significance in changes to function. Both hands seem to act the same in weakness but I would venture to say that I see my left hand doing a few more things (opening water bottles, carrying books) than my right hand just due to hitting those spots and pain.

And that was today. It was a relatively short and good trip. Thank you all for your prayers and support.


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4 responses to “MRI and results.

  1. My first MRI was too hard for me, a wimpy claustrophobic, and I panicked. Had to go back the next day to try again, afterj being given a sedative. Glad to hear they are improving these machines. There is NO way I could have slept in THAT one . Way too loud- like having a jack hammer near my head. Maybe MRI time is one time when it actually benefits a person to NOT hear so well! Praying for your next dr. visit, Melinda. You are so amazing and inspiring! Keep us posted. (No pun intended) 🙂 Love you!

    • mel

      Well, my first ever MRI in Alamosa did freak me out as it was so long and loud. If it is loud for me without my hearing aids–then yes, wow, it must be loud. :O The quietness is what really surprised me on Monday. 🙂 And funny note–I did initially put in the post that it was the one time I benefited from being hearing impaired, but then I took it out. Great minds think alike. 🙂 Thanks for all the encouragement. Miss you guys!

  2. Megan

    I actually was terrified for my first MRI because I’d no idea the machine would move or the noise would be so loud! In fact, I didn’t even know about the noises and was scared too that my clothing or something had hidden metal that might cause me to be stuck inside the giant magnetic tube with no hopes of getting out. All that to say, the only two things that helped me calm down was prayer and hearing Jeremy Camp’s first CD through the headphones. I’m glad you had a very pleasant experience in this most recent MRI – maybe they are now figuring out all the glitches LOL:):) Love and miss you tons sweet sis!!

    • mel

      Well, the machine in that hospital was pretty terrifying. My first MRI was on that one too. Maybe if you have another one it will be more enjoyable. 🙂 And don’t worry about the metal–now they have those scanners like they TSA uses at the airport…so you are all good. I always seem to forget I have a bobby pin in my hair holding my bangs back. That is my problem, but trying to do better. 😀

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